3 Best Baby Heart & Oxygen Monitor For Your "PEACE OF MIND"

3 Best Baby Heart & Oxygen Monitor For Your "PEACE OF MIND"

If you're thinking about buying a baby breathing monitor, you're probably concerned about SIDS, as are most parents. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the untimely death of a newborn under one, which typically happens while the infant is sleeping. In Western nations, it is one of the significant causes of infant mortality. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the best method to minimize the risk of SIDS is to put your infant on a flat surface, on their back, in their own cot without loose blankets or toys.

Although breathing monitors have not been shown to prevent SIDS, as a mother, I wanted the peace of mind that a monitor could notify me if my baby stopped breathing. Baby movement monitors use modern technologies to detect your baby's respiration. Some utilize sensor pads beneath the crib, baby-connected sensors, webcams, and even pulse oximeter technology. Audio and video infant breathing monitors are also available.

I've investigated all of the most popular baby breathing monitors on the market and compared their most essential features so you can relax and be certain that you're selecting the best breathing monitor for you and your darling baby.

What To Look For In A Baby Health Monitor? 

Before you go on and purchase a baby health monitor, there are the key factors you need to consider first. 

1. Vital Signs Monitoring

Obviously, if you're looking for a breathing monitor, it should be able to keep track of your baby's breath. Other vital signs, however, may also be monitored. Some of them will also keep track of your baby's heart rate or general movements.

It may also keep track of related activities. Some devices will tell you what the nursery's temperature is. Others may be able to monitor your baby's sleep patterns. You have to select your monitor based on the vitals that are most essential to monitor.

2. Style & Purpose

The baby breathing monitors differ in the way they operate. Some attach to the baby's clothes, while others are sensory pads that slide under the mattress. There are also video/audio versions. The three major kinds are as follows:

  • The clip-on variant is a popular design since it is lightweight and portable, but false alarms are frequent. It's more user-friendly than other kinds.
  • Sensor pads for under-the-mattress use - These may be considered "high tech." However, for parents of preterm babies concerned about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and other concerns, being able to monitor each movement may be essential.
  • Video/audio monitors are similar to other baby monitors, except they include a breath detecting feature. If keeping a real eye and ear on noises and movements coming from the crib is essential, you will want to pick one of these.

3. Portability

Consider the receiver's portability as well. Some receivers may be attached to your belt. To limit your monitor options, think about what you need or want to accomplish when the baby is asleep.

All of these factors will aid you in selecting a high-quality breathing monitor. However, before making a purchase, consult with your doctor.

The 3 Best Baby Breathing Monitor Of 2021 – Our Top Picks 

If you don't want to go through the trouble of researching each product page of Amazon, we've done all the legwork for you. Here are the best baby breathing monitors, according to us. Any of these will suffice to maintain your peace of mind. 

1. Best Baby Oxygen Monitor - Wellue BabyO2

The Wellue Baby02 set provides comparable monitoring to other systems at a fraction of the price. Using a gadget that wraps around your baby's foot and leg, you can monitor their oxygen level, heart rate, and movement.

It comes with a free app and computer software in case you need to print or share data with physicians. While not medical quality, parents say that this monitor is remarkably comparable to infant/toddler pulse oximeters at a fraction of the cost.

Warning: According to our reviewers, the warmth of the skin may affect readings. Several parents claim that if their baby's feet were cold, the monitor would not read correctly. Others argue that the device's connection to the infant causes it to move and cause false alerts sometimes. It doesn't happen often. 

2. Best Baby Breathing Monitor - Sense-U Smart 

The Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor is comparable to other buttons-style movement monitors. This button links to a phone app that provides you with a wealth of information about your baby and the nursery. 

You can observe a lot of what is going on in your room without ever getting out of bed, from the posture your child is in and the ambient temperature and, of course, movement. Your smartphone receives the signal through Bluetooth. The tracking app you'll need is available for Android and iOS for free.

We also appreciate that the app is simple and easy to use, particularly for tech-savvy consumers. It emits less EMF than comparable alternatives. Overall, we believe it is a viable option for travellers and people looking for as much information as possible.

3. Best Baby Movement Monitor - Snuza Hero (SE)

Video monitors with respiration and movement monitoring features are fantastic, but they're not cheap. Check out the Snuza Hero if you currently have a video monitor that doesn't have movement tracking but want to connect it with one that does. It's a basic, easy wearable device that costs around $140 and provides plenty of peace of mind.

Best Baby Movement Monitor - Snuza Hero (SE) - Upalotkids

The Snuza attaches to your baby's diaper and operates by tracking their belly motions. If it detects no movement for 15 seconds, it vibrates to try to awaken your baby; if there is still no movement after five seconds, an alert will sound. (Also, the alarm will go off after three vibrations/rousing occurrences.) It's simple to use and transport, and it won't break the bank.

Warning: When your baby begins rolling over or is in motion, such as in a car seat or stroller, you can't use the Snuza. There isn't even an app or a parent unit.

Final Verdict 

All of the infant breathing monitors discussed in this article are great options to provide you with peace of mind. However, based on a combination of excellent features and affordability, the Sense-U is my pick for the finest infant breathing monitor.

Choose the Wellue BabyO2 Baby Oxygen Foot Monitor if you have a larger budget and want the finest of the best. Choose the Snuza Hero Baby Breathing Monitor if you want a movement monitor but don't want to pay a lot. Choose the Sense U Baby Movement Monitor if you need a movement monitor to notify you of stomach sleeping. It is also the best value for money option, according to me. 

Choosing any of the baby breathing monitors listed in this article will enable you to breathe a sigh of relief and rest, knowing that you are doing all possible to keep your baby safe while they sleep.