8 Best Smart Baby Products For Tech-Savvy Parents

8 Best Smart Baby Products For Tech-Savvy Parents

Baby tech products are a blessing for all parents. With the advent of technology, baby gear has become smarter than ever. So much that most of them can be operated or controlled by smartphones. From baby monitors to lamps, there’s no shortage of high-tech baby products. These smart baby products offer information about your baby and help make your life easier and more convenient.

Now, parenting is a difficult job. You always have to be there for your babies 24/7 and do the best for them. You have to spend much of the time of your day with your baby, and that’s not easy. Keeping this in mind, we have brought some baby essentials for our new or expecting parents to help them out. If you are seeking the best smart baby products, there are many places to look for. You can check the local offline stores or search for them online, whichever floats your boat. Here’s the complete list of child gear for your baby.

1. Sense-U Baby Monitor

Okay, we will start with baby monitors first. Buying a baby monitor is necessary to keep tabs on your baby’s health and well-being. Sense-U baby monitor tracks the baby’s breathing, rollovers, the entire temperature of the room, the body temperature, etc., and notifies you on your smartphone instantly. It can also track the weak or slow breathing movement and notifies you when your baby’s breathing movement is very weak and slow. The monitor’s camera also focuses on the baby’s sleeping position due to frequent baby rolls.

2. Famidoc Baby Thermometer

Famidoc Baby thermometer is a cutesy but a must-have item for your baby. It flashes red/blue LED light to indicate the temperature of the bathwater. Blue light is for showing low temperature while red is for higher temperature. You do not need to turn it on or off as it activates automatically when you give it a few shakes. It consists of a built-in battery with a lifetime of a year. Also, we can’t help but notice how cute the swordfish looks!

3. Graco Baby Stroller

This is an amazing baby stroller system with 3 arrangements, including an infant bassinet, an infant car seat, and a toddler stroller. This little utility tool grows with your baby as it’s versatile. You don’t require to purchase a separate car seat, bassinet, or stroller for your baby if you buy this. The reclining seat of Graco Baby Stroller transforms into an infant bassinet by changing the position of the stroller frames. With a secure one-step attachment, attach the stroller frame or seat almost immediately without any fuss. The seating arrangement can be both forward and rear-faced. If you want this baby stroller, buy it online via our website.

4. Graco Baby Swing

Graco Baby Swing - baby tech products - Upalotkids

First of all, look at those adorable little plush teddies, aren’t they lovely? I would buy Graco Baby Swing just for those two teddies alone. However, this baby swing has ample functions and utilities that all parents will love. The gentle and smooth motion of the baby swing helps induce sleep and relaxation in your baby. It has 6 gliding speeds that allow you to find the right pace according to your baby’s mood. The seat is cushioned with soft and breathable material to provide extra warmth and coziness. The compact design allows you to fit it anywhere in your home. Additional feature includes baby sleeping sounds with 10 classic melodies and 5 nature sounds.

5. Elesories White Noise Machine

Elesories white noise making machine contains 5 white noise, 5 fan sounds, 7 nature sounds, and 7 unique sounds. What does this noise machine do? It put your baby to sleep in mere minutes. The sound effect has a Hi-Fi speaker with HD sound quality. The white noise machine contains nature sounds and lullabies along with white noises. You can even use headphones to listen privately if you don’t want your baby to get disturbed. The machine’s timer provides 30, 60, and 90-minute options and can be powered by USB or socket charging.

6. Blisslights Sky Lite Star Projector

Blisslights’ star projector instantly projects rotating and drifting blue stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. The starlight projects an imitation of bright, blue, twinkling stars which move around the room. The soothing aurora effects create a relaxing environment in any room. It’s so mesmerizing that your baby will stare at it and smile in awe. Simple button controls make it very easy to cycle through light effects, start or stop the motion and adjust brightness. This brilliant projector makes a unique gift for your kids.

7. Nanit Plus Smart baby monitor

This baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors for new or expecting parents because it’s affordable and does what it says. You don’t need to be anxious about your baby, thanks to Nanit baby monitor. Instead, you can see them all the time because it constantly records your baby and tracks their sleep habits. Not only that, but it also offers personalized sleep guidance and keeps track of sound changes, and monitors the humidity level to ensure the utmost comfort for your baby.

8. Fisher-Price SmartConnect Deluxe Soother

Ah, Fisher-Price! One of the best toy makers in the world. And it introduced us to SmartConnect soother. This uber smart lamp projects beautiful and colorful lights minus the glare. Besides offering 3 lighting options, the lamp offers 3 sound options as well to soothe your baby. You can control both the light and sound using the SmartConnect app to prevent intrusions.

There you go, 8 smart baby gear for tech-smart parents. If you are wondering where to find these baby accessories, you can find them in upAlotKids. UpAlotKids is a brand for parents to have access to better tools to care for their babies, toddlers & young children and to give parents the peace of mind they deserve. The brain and motor skills develop extremely fast at a young age. So these tools will give your child’s brain a boost.