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Audio Baby Monitor - 1000ft - Owl

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  • PACKAGE - The parent unit additionally comes with rechargeable NiMH batteries, while both baby and parent units contain battery compartments and a Micro USB connection.
  • TWO-WAY TALK & LULLABIES - Parents can talk to and comfort the baby by pressing the talking button. Lull your baby to sleep with a wide option range of up to 8 lullabies.
  • NIGHT LIGHT CONTROL - Parents can remotely control the night light for the baby anytime needed.
  • ACOUSTICS & VIBRATION - Acoustics and vibration work interchangeably to help parents stay alert for the baby.
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING & ALARM - The LCD screen of the parent unit indicates the real-time temperature of the baby room. An acoustical warning will sound when the room temperature is past the range of 60.8F - 86F.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Seth Hedman
Nice for traveling

Works well. We use this as a back up monitor for traveling. Stores easily in pouch bag, easy to set up.


My kiddo frequently falls asleep in the car for her afternoon nap, I use one of these bad boys in the car for her so she can continue to nap (because lorrrrrd if she does not get a nap the entire world will know).This one is amazing, because you can chat with your kiddo when they start to wake up and you can see what the temperature is. ALSO - neither device needs to be plugged in to work, they are rechargeable. worthit

Cody and Mariah
Just what we needed

Had THE HARDEST time finding wireless baby monitor for both parent and child unit. Usually the child unit now has to be plugged in. I just wanted something super basic to take camping and traveling with us. This is super handy. Worked perfect right out of the box and though I didn’t think I needed the temperature gauge, it is nice to have. The battery life lasts a few naps, it’s not something you’d want to use all through the night.

Alice Smagacz

LOVE these! I only have a camera in my toddler's bedroom and sometimes he falls asleep on the sofa when he naps. This works fantastically for when I can't have him in my view! I I am able to hear him if he wakes up and it dulls the room noise very well so all I hear is him! It is difficult to keep my son from wanting to play with them though because they are just too cute �

Great all battery option

We needed one with batteries for both the baby room and our monitor for while we were camping, this is the only one we could find and we couldn’t be more happy with it...plus the penguins are cute!