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Baby Breathing Monitor - Diaper Clip

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  • A wearable baby monitor that easily clips onto your baby's diaper.
  • This monitor monitors your baby's breathing movement and will attempt to gently rouse your baby after 15-seconds of no breathing movement.
  • It will alarm after 20-seconds of no breathing movement allowing you to act quickly.
  • Heading out? Simply pop the monitor into your bag - no cords, wires, or complicated sensor pads.
  • No need to hover over your sleeping baby at night. Enable the tick mode to "hear" your baby's breathing movements at night.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
100 % Totally recommend

Since the day our little guy was born he had been wearing the Snuza Hero 24/7. We love it. It 1000% gives us some piece of mind on if he is breathing or not. We still check on in him probably more than most of should, however Snuza helps us get some rest at night especially. Though it states that it might not work as well in a vehicle car seat or stroller, I'm telling you he wears it ALLLLL OF THE TIME. Besides taking bath or playing playing around with us.Even since he's become a tummy sleeper we still use it. Learned where we could put it on his diaper front or back where it don't push into him leaving indentations, yet still works to indicate his breathing. It had gone off several times since wearing it due to stoping breathing. It does vibrate first to try startling them first. And sometimes that does help, and the light will stay red to let you know it went off at some point. When that vibration don't work and it still don't indicate and breathing a loud alarm goes off. It is loud. Easy to operate. The battery lasts forever it seems we've gone months and only charged it once and even then it wasn't telling us it needed to be charged. We changed it only because we seriously leave it on him 24/70 unless bathing, changing, or now playing with him rolling over. Another piece of mind for us just to change it after so long.We had the sense u another product and didn't like it at all. Constant false alarms, ONLY told us when there was supposedly a tempature change. Our little guy had started rolling over it never went off to let us know THE MAIN reason to get the sense u, amoung other issues like the base breaking. Would NOT recommend sense u.We 1000% would recommend Snuza Hero to anyone having a baby. And 1000% replace it if needed to our get another if had another baby. We have already bragged to others about it.Now it's NOT a babysitter and we still check his breathing ourselves. But it HELPS ease your mind a little too get some rest or get chores done while your little one is resting. Or if you are alone in a vehicle with them. It's saved our little guy several times we believe.That is enough for us. Our baby is the worlds greatest gift from God in Heaven above to us, we'd do anything to keep him safe and know he is safe P and healthy all of the time. Snuza Hero has just been one way to help us along the journey of parenthood. We can't hold them 24/7 no matter how hard we try and they and we would love us to. Snuza helps ease your mind even for just a bit for those times you need to lay them down.

Beth McAllister
Gives parents amazing peace of mind at night!!

This has made sleeping at night so much easier for my peace of mind! Although we have never lost a child to SIDS, one of our very close friends have. It was so awful and unbearable to witness, I cannot even begin to imagine how they felt. I could not sleep once we got home from the hospital unless I was holding our baby with my hand on her back so I could feel every breath.We live very far out of town and do not have internet, so the other sleeping devices that required WiFi were off the table as options. Although I would love to have their extras like heart rate, body temp, etc. this has gone above and beyond my expectations.We did have a scare and the alarm woke me straight up and as soon as I lifted my little one she was breathing. Idk if the snuza wasn’t laying right on her stomach or if she really wasn’t breathing but my movement of picking her up got her going again.We tightly swaddle at night with a weighted swaddle, so it’s pretty thick. With that being said, you can still see the bright green light for each breath through her swaddle which I absolutely love love love! I can wake up and look over real quick and see that she’s breathing fine. Only thing is, because we swaddle so tightly the alarm is slightly muffled, nothing that didn’t wake me but for someone that might be a deeper sleeper might take a minute for them to wake up if their baby is swaddled, and since most newborns are, the alarm could be a tad louder. But this is just me being picky, this thing is amazing!!

Haven't needed it but peace of mind to have

We put this on our newborn as soon as her chord dried up and fell off. We haven't had to deal with apnea but it's peace of mind knowing that this is another set of "eyes" on her. It's smaller than it might appear on the picture. Not a problem for us however, just thought I'd mention it.

Definitely worth it for loss parents

This is well worth the money for the piece of mind. The first day we brought our son home we had 2 alarms. We’ve had a few false alarms since then but I’ll take those over the alternative. After losing 8 pregnancies and 9 babies plus my little man spending a week in the nicu I needed something for reassurance. I like that this doesn’t let the levels drop to a certain point before alarming and that it’s completely portable. Once my son got out of newborn diapers the false alarms happened much more often but I’ve found that putting him in pants with it clipped to them fixes almost all of them. After all the research I still would buy this again.

Ellis Others
Helps me sleep at night!

This item has given me peace of mind and allows me to sleep soundly at night. I’m a paranoid first time mom.My son at a very young age decided that he preferred to sleep on his stomach. He could roll onto his belly but not back to his back. Also, when he sleeps through the night, I don’t. I’m constantly checking to make sure he’s alive. LOL The SNUZA has changed that.It is easy to get false alarms, because the monitor can easily come loose especially if your baby is an active sleeper. (I don’t mind the occasional false alarm, because I know the monitor works. The first false alarm is intense though). We minimized false alarms by using an elastic band. We cut the band off of a pair of his pants and we clip the monitor to that. My little guy is big enough now that he can pull the monitor off, but for the most part, he leaves it alone.The first alarm is very low. I have never been able to hear it over the monitor, but the second alarm is loud enough to wake you up. The alarm doesn’t wake my baby up for some reason. LOLWe chose this over an Owlet because:1) There isn’t any extra pieces (base, plugs, wires, etc). This is one piece. It’s portable and takes a battery. If the power goes out or if I don’t have access to electricity, this monitor will still work.2) No WiFi or Bluetooth signals.3) This alarm will notify you after 15 seconds if there isn’t any movement from your baby. The other brand monitor will notify you when oxygen levels get to an extreme low, which is when it’s already too late. At 15 seconds, I can artificially provide oxygen to my baby via CPR if necessary without allowing oxygen levels to become that low.4) I read about babies getting skin burns from the other brand.We bought this item through , but it appeared used, so we returned it and bought one from an actual retail store.