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Baby Breathing Monitor - Pink

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  • KNOW YOUR BABY'S BREATHING IS OKAY: Unlike a traditional baby video camera or audio monitor, this monitor clips onto baby's diaper/underwear and tracks your baby's breathing, rollover, and the ambient temperature around the baby's belly, and notifies you with an audible alarm for weak breathing movement from your smartphone directly.
  • GET NOTIFIED WHEN BABY ROLLS OVER TO SLEEP ON STOMACH: It monitors your baby's sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over onto their stomach.
  • BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FOR BABY'S SAFETY: This monitor uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BT4.0) which has a neglectable radiation level (1/1000th of a smartphone's) and a communication distance up to 50 feet. 

Customer Reviews

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Angelique Riggins
Baby Monitor

I love this product, my granddaughter has a medical container that we were not aware of and being able to use this product may very well saved her life.

Easy to setup

We haven’t used this on baby yet, but so far it’s very easy to setup and I like they the battery is a regular type rather than a special rechargeable one. The unit comes with an extra battery and we are all set up and ready to start using the sense-U when our second is born. We choose this over the angelcare monitor because it seems more reliable and we already have a baby monitor. Cant wait to use this! Will update again once baby is born.

Jose herrera

I like this because it not that expensive and it does keep track of how my daughter is breathing if she is doing ok . It also tells me when she is on her belly like if she rolled over or even sitting up . It will even alert my phone in the app when she is . The battery life is great as well and its easy to use and connect. It is also not as bulky as i thought it would be .

Adriana Gonzalez
Peace of mind

Peace of mind, I own the Owelet, but I’m one of those paranoid parents, I needed something extra to monitor her breathing, I fount the sense u and decided to give it a try and I honestly can say every parent should own one . She was crying at night constantly, I didn’t know she was cold until the sense you detect the temperature, yes she was warm but not warm enough, now I know the perfect temperature for her to sleep comfortable. 2 nights ago the alarm for breathing went off, when I checked on her, it looked like she was so deep asleep that she forgot to breathe I moved her to sleep on her side and she started breathing normal again. Idk if this device saved my daughters life for sure, but I can say I sleep a lot better knowing I have the sense u notifying me if something is wrong. I absolutely love it and recommend this product.

Mallorie Vlasatik
Best product

As soon as I received this I immediately tried it on my daughter since she was in the middle of a nap. It quickly began reading her breathing and temp as well as correctly told me which side she was laying on. This is going to help tons when I have my newborn maybe I’ll actually be able to sleep! I did a ton of research before buying since I originally wanted the well know name item but found this one offered way more for a fraction of the price. Definitely happy I bought it and hubby is happy I didn’t spend an arm and leg on it