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Baby Thermometer - Wearable Armpit Monitor

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    • Latest Smart Design: Monitor your child's body temperature in real-time for 24- hours. When the temperature is higher than 100.4F, this wearable thermometer will send a BiBi alarm and tell you immediately. Free your hands and measure easily.
    • Remote Monitoring & Fever Alarm: No App is needed, No need for complicated Bluetooth connection, just fix the smart underarm thermometer patch gently under the infant's armpit, then remotely monitor the body temperature by display screen in the parent's room.
    • Comfort & Safe: Comes with 5 food-grade silicone double side tapes to help you gently but firmly attach the baby thermometer patch to your children's armpits. Infants will not feel anything, just like breathing naturally. 
    • Long Battery Life & Dual Temperature Monitoring: Each 1.5-2 hours charging time-temperature patch can support 24-hours monitoring needs. You can also keep the patch in the display screen box as an indoor thermometer to help you control the temperature of your baby's room.
    • Precise Readings: The latest smart chips provide accurate and reliable readings(+/- 0.18F). 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Accurate, comfortable, stays in place!

    Undergoing our first sickness fever test with this thermometer and it’s spectacular. Accurate, comfortable to wear, stays in place. The only improvements I would make to this are coming with a longer cord since it does not work unless plugged in and coming with a fixed cord/plug since it doesn’t work without being plugged in. But those are not deal breakers for me. I have already recommended this to friends.

    Taylor Hindermann
    Works great

    Works great for my newborn niece to be able to watch her temperature at night. She has gotten sick a few times already and this has provided great piece of mind. Works great.

    Wonderful Idea

    This is excellent for the middle of the night, when you want to check but you really don't want to wake them up. It appears to be accurate, although we've not had to test it when anyone was ill, so I can't attest to showing a high temperature. It has shown fluctuations in temperature on me and is very comfortable. You'd hardly know it was there when you are awake, so this is a really wonderful idea and a great way to take temperature when someone is sleeping. Good luck in your search.

    Very Cool

    This is really innovative and interesting.When you put it on our kid it reads pretty fast.The ease of use is great and the tech itself is impressive.I like the quality of the material and the effectiveness of it, not too much to ask from my kids to ensure health.Overall pretty great.

    Brynn Z
    Brought instant relief.

    What a relief! My daughter suffers from fibril seizures so while she has a fever, this brings so much comfort and relief to be able to watch her temperature as she sleeps and not have to bother her. This is so easy to use and I regret not finding it sooner!