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Smart Thermometer - Infrared & Bluetooth

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    • Advanced Technology for Superior Performance: The latest smart chip utilizes optimized algorithms to ensure that the multi-purpose ultra-sensitive sensor measures your temperature, providing results in a hygienic manner-faster, safer, and more reliable.
    • Multiple-Point Accuracy: Ultra-sensitive infrared sensors collect more than 100- data points per second. The combination of distance and environmental sensors solves the interference except for the measured body temperature. Two core technologies ensure you get the most accurate body temperature.
    • Bluetooth Connectivity: Track up to 99-readings on your smartphone with Comper free iOS and Android application. Sync off-line data by connecting the device via Bluetooth. Manage all data of 5-users in one terminal to view body temperature trends and details.
    • Slim Design: Single-button control makes the infrared thermometer ideal for quickly taking the temperatures for sleeping children. The large LED screen displays temperature readings by bright and non-disturbing white light, making Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees easy to note even in total darkness.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Ronald Schwartz
    I love this thermometer.

    I really love this thermometer!!! I used it when trying to conceive and tracking my period and ovulation. Super beautiful and fashionable and connected to an app via your phone with Bluetooth.

    Jenny cho
    Five Stars

    It’s so easy

    Chris Brace
    Really really good

    My sister bought a forehead thermometer for her children, I found it is much easier for people with ears, so I checked it and found that there is a 10% coupon and a beautiful shape, so I understand . Another thing I found useful is that when I use it at night while my child is sleeping, the LED display can show the numbers very clearly. I don’t have to worry about waking them up. My little child has had a fever since last Thursday. This is what happened in the world two days ago. It is really easy to use, and you can find on my picture that one of my Braun ears is our two places. I compared this number. , This is actually accurate. As a mom, I did recommend this to you

    Good Product

    Good product, but is too expensive

    Nice design, smartphone app, easy to use, and accurate

    I have seen and used some other thermometer that was needed to slowly move the temperature probe across a child's brow, which was a pain sometimes if the kid refused to sit still. There I was looking for a Forehead Thermometer that can measure the temperature quickly and accurately. This Forehead Thermometer is fast, and therefore, it's easy to take a child's temperature—no matter how wiggly they might be.We also really like the Forehead Thermometer design, it's both functional and friendly. It has a compact size, sleek white exterior, and easy-to-read digital temperature display. In my view, one of the best features of the Forehead Thermometer that I like best is that the screen is bright enough to read in the dark, and the numbers are big enough to read without having to put on one's glasses—a particular plus for older parents or caregivers.The Thermometer also pairs with a smartphone app where I can record and track temperature data as well as share it with others or pediatricians. When paired with the thermometer, the app automatically sets temperature standards for kids of varying ages, from newborn to toddler. It notifies parents when a child's body temperature is cause for concern.