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Smart Thermometer - 16 Infrared Sensors

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    • HIGH PRECISION - FDA cleared, this thermometer has 16-infrared sensors to provide a highly accurate result.
    • QUICK & EASY - Ultra-fast measurement with color-coded fever indicator.
    • NO CONTACT WITH SKIN REQUIRED: Ultra-hygienic and non-invasive measurement.
    • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every measurement and health advice appears in the Thermo app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS and Android).
    • MULTI-USER FRIENDLY - Up to 8-users can access their personal temperature histories and have the ability to share with doctors, and the thermometer can accommodate unlimited users in guest mode.
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE - The thermometer will operate for up to 2-years using two standard AAA batteries (included).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Works great with apple healthkit

    Works great. I used it every day. HSA covered the cost. don't sick it in stuff. you scan your head with it.

    Briana Miller
    Amazing for parents.

    I LOVE this. It makes managing colds and flu and everything else. I love the different profiles and the app. Allows me to see fever trends to know if my kids need medical attention.

    Keith Machisen
    A must buy

    Bought this with the thermometer amazing. It reports my state to my doctor.

    D. Menard
    What a great Smart Thermometer that is beautifully designed

    What a great Smart Thermometer that is beautifully designed. It is so simple to use and it takes only 3-5 seconds to get your temperature taken. Highly recommended.

    Brought it for my granddaughter

    my son and daughter in law love technology so this was perfect.