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Baby Swing - 5 Motions - Gray

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  • 5 unique motions and speeds.
  • Bluetooth Enabled control motion and sound.
  • 4 built-in sounds and an MP3 plug-in.
  • Smooth, woven nylon material.
  • Machine washable seat fabric.
  • AC Adaptor (no batteries required).
  • Adjustable seat recline. Removable seat fabric.
  • Weight Range: Birth to 25lbs (or when baby can sit up unassisted).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
So far so good.

SOON AS I put my 1 month old little guy in it, he stopped "air swimming." ( flailing arms and legs), not too long after that, his eyes were closed. Usually that only happens when I pick him up. So I hold him most of the time...UNTIL TODAY. I am very happy with this product so far.

jake priest
Compact and lightweight

This thing is great. We were gifted a baby swing but unfortunately it was just a little too cumbersome for our living room. This swing is much smaller and compact. Our daughter was born 5 weeks premature and is very small. You have to buy the newborn insert separately which is a little silly since they advertise this as “Birth-25lbs”. The multiple motions are great. She especially likes the car ride and rock-a-bye motions.The car ride motion actually vibrates the seat lightly. We thought she was shivering until we touched the seat. But she loves it. The only downside is that it sits fairly low to the ground. Our cocker spaniel is now face level with her and frequently runs off with her blanket. He also thought the included mobile was his dog toy and whined are it. This is only a issue for pet owners.We haven’t set up the app because we don’t see a real need for it but it’s a nice feature. Im not sure about the longevity as some people have stated issues. We’ve used it extensively for the last few days without any issue. It makes a slight humming noise but nothing that disturbs her or us. The sole reason we bought this was for the compact size and light weight. Our previous swing looked like a lunar lander in our living room. From what I can tell the more expensive ones have all the same features but different seat materials. The seat adjusts almost completely flat as well.

Great deal for a great buy

Ordered from the Warehouse for $158, and crossed my fingers the words "slightly damaged" would be alright. It was brand spanking new!! The box just was damaged. So happy as this works perfectly for us as we are expecting our sweet baby girl next week. Thank you !!!

Easy to assemble and baby loves it!

I became a fan of 4Moms since my first child was born. At the time, I bought their pack and play because it was so easy to set up. I then purchased the first MamaRoo. It has been almost 5 years since then, and they continue to create great products. I am now on my 3rd child, and got this new version of the MamaRoo. It is very simple to assemble. You do not need any tools. Parts just click or zipper into place. It includes bluetooth to control the MamaRoo. If you download the App, it allows you to turn on/off the device, to select the intensity as well as the type of motion. To be honest, I'm not certain when you would want to use the App to control it, since you'd likely be close to the Mamaroo, but it allows you to avoid getting down to do it. I thought I would be able to stream bluetooth music, but that is not the case. It still includes a jack to plug in a music source, and you can use the App to start sourcing music from the jack. The sounds are ok. The speakers are not high-quality speakers, but they do the job for the type of sounds that it includes (white noise types).Overall, I'm very happy with this product. My newborn enjoys it and falls asleep easily once it is set in motion. It is fairly quiet when moving, so you don't have to worry about those sounds waking up the baby.

Worth the price!!!

I have had this mamaroo for less than a week but my whole family already loves it. I am a stay at home mom. I homeschool three kids and have a one month old. My infant is rather fussy/ opinionated about being held and bounced on a yoga ball. If I wasn’t holding him he was screaming. If I got him to sleep and then laid him down he usually woke 30 mins later screaming to be held and bounced. Needless to say I lived on the yoga ball. It made homeschooling difficult to say the least as well as all the other things I needed to do around the house. Before the mamaroo I had tried swings and manual bouncers and nothing worked. This was my last ditch effort and I was hesitant because of the price. It is worth it if you have a screamer like I do that needs to be held constantly. Since I have gotten the mamaroo I have had way more time for everything. I’m so excited!!! The one thing I was concerned about was the bouncing motion. Before I got the mamaroo I was bouncing my infant on a yoga ball. He loved that julty movement. I was concerned that the mamaroo wouldn’t be enough of a bounce for him. Although the mamaroo is not as intense a bounce as the yoga ball at all he loves it. All five different settings are smooth and different. The motions are soothing and are supposed to move like a mommy would. My son prefers the car ride on level five speed which is the fastest it goes. He sleeps longer in the mamaroo and will lay awake in the mamaroo very content. If he does wake during a nap the movement usually lulls him back to sleep.The assembly was so easy that my seven year old and ten year old assembled it with the instructions. The assembly parts are big and click easily into place with no muscling. The hardest part to put on was the seat that zips into place, but the kids still did it.The mamaroo stays on for four hours at a time before shutting off automatically which is nice. The app is very user friendly and the Bluetooth is easy to setup. The sound quality isn’t very good and on its highest volume isn’t loud enough to drown out other sounds. However, that isn’t why I bought it and could really care less because the other aspects of the mamaroo meet and exceed every expectation. I am so happy with my mamaroo. It gives me a lot more time to get things done. I didn’t think I would find anything that would work. I’m kind of thinking I should have purchased the warranty because I run the mamaroo so much I am hoping the motor doesn’t go out. Only time will tell. I will update my review once we have had more time with the mamaroo.