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Baby Monitor - 33ft Night Vision

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    • TWO-WAY AUDIO & NOISE CANCELLATION:  Live streaming video baby monitor with built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphone. High-quality two-way audio allows you to comfort your baby/pet/nanny and communicate directly as if through a phone call. High-quality full-HD 1080P video at 30fps for a crisp and clear picture. Records directly to microSD card (up to 256GB) (always free), optional Cloud storage as well as compatibility with 3rd party recording software.
    • INTELLIGENT MOTION DETECTION: When the wi-fi baby camera detects movement, it will automatically send a notification to your phone and record the footage to your SD card or cloud. The camera can set smart filters to only detect human movement, thereby reducing false alarms. It can also be set to automatically track movement, panning, and tilting to track the movement of a person as they traverse across a room.
    • SOUND ALARM MODE, SHARING & ALEXA - The wi-fi camera can operate as an audio baby monitor with an adjustable voice-activated audio alarm (VOX). This allows you to receive notifications on your phone based on adjustable sound thresholds (such as baby crying, or a dog barking decibel levels) with no movement necessary. 
    • STORAGE OPTIONS & NIGHT VISION: Store your footage directly on the Micro SD card (up to 256GB, not included) or save your footage remotely on the Cloud (1-year free, then $2/month). 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    miles gevas
    Love this baby monitor

    I have been using the Amcrest Home Monitor for over a week now. I have absolutely loved this product. The first thing that made me love this product was the easiness to set it up. I got it out of the box, hung on the wall and connected within 5 minutes. I put it in a room above my infants bed. My favorite feature is that I can control it from my phone. No need to keep track of another device and make sure it is charged. I love that from my phone I can control the sound buttons as well as turn the camera around to view everything in my childrens rooms. When I have the camera up during nap time, I have never noticed that it drains my batteries, which is a big bonus in a device like this for me. If I were to change one thing about this device it would be that it didn't have about a 2 second lag when watching the screen. When I have been watching the camera while in the kids room, sometimes they turn over or start to cry but it takes a minute to show those movements on my phone app. The app is the most user friendly app I have on my phone. I love that you can turn the camera to different angles from your phone as well as zoom in closer on something. The picture is so clear. I have been looking at baby monitors for a while and tried a few other peoples monitors and nothing comes close to the convenience, picture clarity and ease of this monitor.

    John Wood
    Nice camera with good person detection

    I've been pretty happy with this camera from what I've seen so far. The setup process was easy. The one item that I think was missing in the instructions had to do with how to access the SD card slot. I puzzled over that for a couple of minutes before looking it up online, then it was pretty simple to put the SD card in. Adding something about the SD card to the instructions to future models could be helpful. To install an SD Card, you rotate the camera up in the housing.The image on the camera is very clear. I really like the angle of the view as I can get a really good amount of a large room with it. The night vision is good or equal if not better than others I've seen. It is black and white, which is the only downside, but is typical of most cameras.In regards to the human detection, I was a little disappointed that with human detection enabled, it only records when a human is detected and not the whole time. However, the detection itself was very good and is better than other devices I have seen! I also thought that the smart tracking worked well. One thing of note, that was kind of funny is that when I first started testing, I had Christmas lights going that changed colors. The smart tracking seemed to get "caught" by the Christmas lights and once viewing them, would not reset. This is a problem that isn't likely to happen year round, I just thought it was funny I happened upon it by accident.I didn't have a great use case scenario for the baby monitor, but it is an interesting feature that we played with a bit. I could see how it would be beneficial to some. I really like the form factor as it is not intrusive at all and can sit on a shelf and not even be noticed. Overall, I thought that the camera is a great product

    Jamie S.
    Best monitor I've used so far and great quality for price

    I purchased the baby monitor from and received it very quickly, approx 9 days ago. I have to say, I give this camera a resounding 9/10 rating. I have used several baby monitor cameras at this point, ranging from $25-$200 and this one is by far my favorite. I have a 16 month old child and another little one on the way, and this camera is one that we will definitely purchase more of to use with the new baby and perhaps the playroom.Pros - -Great HD Video quality, fast loading timeWorks really well with Alexa devices with a screen, fast load and great quality picture, totally replaces any need for a dedicated monitor. I have it set up so that anyone can simply say "Alexa, show me the nursery" and the picture loads in seconds.-Ability to pan camera remotely-Can view up to 4 videos at once (see attached photo)-Panning is great when camera sitting upright, get a great visual of entire room with one drawback (see below)-Can listen in on baby without video when in baby monitor mode, effectively creating an audio monitor out of your phone.Cons - -When the camera is sitting upright, I would like to see the panning ability go further down. If sitting on a table next to the crib, it is difficult to actually see in the crib because it has to sit higher in order to see above the crib rails.-When the camera is attached to the wall, it limits the panning ability to up/down. What I mean by this is if the camera is attached at a 90 degree angle, when you pan up to see across the room, you can no longer pan left and right because the top spins on an axis. I would really like to have a better view of the room when the camera is mounted, given that it has to be in order to see into the crib properly.-When away from home and off wifi (for instance, when driving) and service is not great, camera not great at loading quickly and gets stuck in the 90-99% range. Wishlist: -When opening the app, having the option to default to baby monitor mode AND-When in baby monitor mode, having the ability to save the squelch and alarm lines and have them cached for next useOverall, I love this camera. I will definitely buy more of these based on its compatibility with Alexa and great quality HD video. Disclaimer, I did not travel with this camera, so I don't know how easily it connects when on different wifis, but setup on home Wifi was very easy.

    Great quality, features and price; Easy set up

    I bought this camera on for less than $30 because it had good reviews and quite a few features I hadn’t seen in other indoor cameras.I’ve set up six different models of indoor cameras manufactured by 4 different companies, and this was by far the easiest to set up. The app works great and it has been cool to be able to change the angle and direction of the camera lens. Two-way audio is built in. I imagine you could really startle a burglar if you were notified of activity and saw them on camera and said, “Hey, get out before I call the police!”When it’s dark, the camera switches from color to black and white night vision. The night vision image offers clarity with the standard setting, but even greater detail when set on HD. There is a recording button so you can capture video and either store on an SD card or in the cloud.The sensitivity of motion can be adjusted so your cat doesn’t trigger a notification. I recently bought a competitor’s camera for $20. I had a lot of trouble getting it to sync with my phone and wi-fi. It doesn’t allow pan or tilt. There are so many more great features with this camera and it’s rounded egg-shape makes it less obviously a camera.I’m really pleased with this device!

    Roger in Alaska
    Good quality product for the price

    I am filing a product review for the above described device. I must reveal that I am the proud owner of numerous Amcrest cameras which are installed throughout my home. The ASH21 is installed in a bedroom/TV room where I use it to monitor my dog, a large breed Husky. The camera operates very similar to my other Amcrest devices, however is on a separate “app” for remote viewing which works out well. This app is the “Amcrest SmartHome”. My other cameras are activated under another app., "Amcrest ViewPro”.The ASH21 was amazingly simple to install and activate on my local network. It has plenty of choices for activating or disabling the motion sensor, and other controls within the app. Most of the instructions are straight forward for installation and operation. I have owned security cameras since 2012, so have had plenty of experience and much knowledge.I have spoken to friends and relatives about my Amcrest devices, and have promoted them along the way. When I have had issues, technical support by phone has been a life saver. The products have improved over the eight plus years that I have owned them, with installation and operation becoming simplified.I would recommend the ASH21 to those consumers who have interest in a very good security/baby monitoring device. The selling price is also very inviting and fair.