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Baby Thermometer - Aquamarine Swordfish

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    • Easy To Use: There is not an on-off button and it activates automatically by shaking it on your hand.
    • High and low-temperature alarm: The LCD displays cold for low temperature and hot with red LED light flashing for high temperature.
    • Safe & Harmless Built-in Battery: At least 1-year battery lifespan. Note: When the number display is an incomplete or dark screen, please replace the battery. If you do not plan to use the termometer for a long time, please remove the battery.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    vickie liu
    Very Useful !

    This is my second item from Fmaidoc. Just recently one of my friends told me soak feet in hot water is good for the health (a Chinese tradition method). I decided to have a try. The water can not be too hot, a little bit higher than the body temperature which keep at around 103ºF will be the best. So, everytime to test the water is a problem. I am tired to keep adding cold and hot water to finally find a comfortable temperature and sometimes it hurts my finger if I put too much hot water. Then, I think I should have a bath thermometer. I remembered last time when I purchased my ab belt from Famidoc, I saw they also sell bath thermometer on . I searched famidoc bath thermometer and I found 3 options. 2 fishes and 1 this flower. My son like this flower one and I think I can also use this for his bath. So, I purchased this flower bath thermometer. Received it yestoday, open box and have a try. A nice and cute unit. This unit needs shake to start and need take like 30 seconds to ready the accurate temp. When the water is too hot, the red light will on and has hot displayed. After used it, just leave it there, it will turn off itself. So far so good. I will keep using this and I may share more if I have any new experience with this bath thermometer.

    As adorable as it is useful!

    I had noticed in the “mom groups” that everyone seemed to have a thermometer duckie for their baby’s bath. I set out searching and was thrilled to find a stingray because it just seemed a little boring to get a yellow duckie. We adore this little guy! Baby uses a bath seat, so while the water is filling the tub I set the stingray in the seat to test temp since that’s where baby will be, and then let it float around during bath time. She loves to watch the bold purple and we love how adorable it is. It’s been accurate, blinked blue/red at the proper times, shuts off accordingly, and turns on with a fairly decent tap to the underside. Recently had guests over with older kids who were just raving about it, wishing they’d had it for theirs! A++ and definitely recommend!


    You have to shake this to turn it on. It will automatically shut off after a bit of inactivity.The first time we used it, it just turned on. The second time, it was kind of like "How do we do this?!" The third time, we figured it out. Shake it to turn it on.This will tell you if the water is too cold or too hot. Our daughter loves the warmer baths.I would recommend this to anyone worried about getting the water too hot or too cold.

    Easy and Accurate

    Cute, well built and easy to read! It flashes a blue light if the temperature is too cold and a red light if the water is too hot. It turns on with a shake, takes a few seconds to read the water temperature and then turns off by itself, even though it takes a little while to do so. Excellent purchase :).

    Sarah and Kyle
    One of my favorite baby gadgets

    I was pleasantly surprised by this little gadget. Adorable, good size, doesn’t flip over easily, easy to use and read and has lasted for 6 months of regularly bathing 2 babies. Takes just a bit of time to catch up with water temperature while initially filling the tub, but is never so far behind that the ultimate water temp is drastically off - that is, no need for tedious correction of water temp after I’m done filling the tub. No issues with batteries so far. My favorite thing about it is that it isn’t a noise maker!!! The lights are completely adequate. Other baby gadget manufacturers please take note. I also love that there aren’t any buttons involved. Just shake the thing to turn it on and it will turn off on it’s own when it sits still for a certain length of time (taking it out of bath and setting it on a firm surface). It has never turned itself off while on duty.