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Audio Baby Monitor - 1000Ft - Gray

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  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY & WELLNESS: Zero radio emission at Night Mode when in silent mode.
  • BATTERY LIFE: Lithium rechargeable battery included for up to 15-hours. Only the Parent Unit has a battery compartment, and the Baby Unit needs to be plugged in for use.
  • MULTI-USAGE: Micro USB connections can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • NIGHT LIGHT CONTROL: Parents can remotely control the night light for the baby anytime needed.
  • TEMPERATURE MONITORING & ALARM: The LCD screen of the parent unit indicates the real-time temperature of the baby room. An acoustical warning will sound when the room temperature is past the range of 60.8F - 86F.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Really nice baby monitor with talk back!

Good product sound quality is great. We love the talk back feature. We did have a problem with the first unit that we received but the customer service was excellent and the problem was resolved quickly. The nightlight is a nice feature. It stays on for a little while before shutting off automatically and it actually quite bright. Also has a night time feature that turns off the lights on the unit unless there is a noise that it picks up.

Andalissa East
Not terrible

good, static sometimes but overall not bad.

Great little monitor!

This monitor is a great little device. I was driving myself crazy all night checking our video monitor and wanted to switch to an audio only version. I still wanted to be able to monitor the temperature in the nursery, which this one does. Another feature that we really like is that you can turn it on night mode and it does not transmit all night, only when your baby makes a sound. It is very sensitive, so you know it picks up the slightest sound. This is also very helpful for someone who would worry about every movement their baby makes. We are all getting better sleep! Battery life is really good so we only have to charge parent unit at night. Has a music, night light, and walkie talkie feature as well. Would highly recommend this product!

Zoe B
Love it!

Love this product! Minimal background noise but picks up everything I need to hear. Bought it partly because of the night-mode function but regular is already fine.Love the rechargeable battery idea. I used to have VTech and would often forget to turn off the parent unit after unplugging and thereby draining countless AA batteries. I have been using this for a few weeks now and the battery only drops from 4 bars in the morning to 2 before I plug it in before my own bedtime.Love the option to turn on light in the baby unit as well as the thermostat. The AC in the nursery is the type that only has a dial of 1 to 7. So the thermostat is probably one of the most useful features for me.Counter some other reviews, it is not that easy to accidentally turn on the music. In fact, you need to hold that button for a few seconds. So just make sure you don't do that!Other than that, it's so sleek and modern-looking (contra the white, bulky VTech - sorry VTech)

Dauntless Birch
A new sense of freedom around the house!

I have been searching for quality baby monitors for awhile. We have three children and the monitor we had for our first child was a well-known brand and to be frank, it STUNK! The range was nonexistent, there was constant interference, and you could not rely on its accuracy. I threw those out pretty quickly and was hesitant to spend the money on another set. All of our children have room-shared with us, so a set of monitors wasn't really a necessity, since I could easily hear the babies cry at night. With our 3rd child, though, our older two want to go outside and play during her nap time and I am not comfortable with them being in the back yard unsupervised. I started searching for a monitor so I could hear when the baby cried or woke up. I came across these monitors and though I was not familiar with the brand name, I liked the features and I guess there was something about the fact that when it illuminates it looks like an angel...I thought that was a nice touch. I have been using these monitors for a few weeks and it's like we have a whole new level of freedom around the house! I can hear the baby clearly when she wakes up or cries during her nap times. Plus, since she has moved into her own room now, I can easily hear her at night if she wakes. I also love that these are rechargeable instead of having to waste money on replacing the batteries on a regular basis. We love the TimeFlys monitors!My purchased on are heavily influenced by the reviews of others. I review every item I purchase on honestly and without bias. If you have found my review helpful, please click the button below to let know. Happy shopping!