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Cradle & Swing - Butterflies

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  • 2 swinging motions: side-to-side or head-to-toe.
  • 6 swing speeds, calming vibrations, and 16 soothing songs and sounds.
  • Motorized mobile with a dome mirror and 3-soft butterfly toys. 
  • A perfect-fit seat, specifically designed for baby's comfort.
  • Machine-washable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Emily Green
Helped my baby dealing with sleep regression

I was losing my mind trying to get my 2½ month son to take naps during the day. He had been going through a sleep regression and would only nap for more than 5 minutes if I was holding him the whole time. This was challenging especially because I have three other children to take care of, including his twin. In a moment of desperation I ordered this hoping that it might help. And thank God it did! For the first time in over a week he was able to nap by himself for a good amount of time.I love that the mobile not only rotates, but the pieces move up and down slightly, making it more interesting to look it. It also has a mirror for the baby to see their reflection.It's also super cool that you can change the direction the baby rocks: side to side or forward and backward.Well worth the money!

Mom of well-rested baby!
Should come standard with an adjustable shower curtain rod! No more creaking!

We love this swing. After 3 kids, this swing and another previous model Fisher Price swing are the only place they would ever take naps. Absolutely indispensable. However, this model should come standard with an adjustable shower curtain rod. The reason I say this is that the momentum from swinging side to side will work the legs in on themselves so that they are not positioned all the way apart. This causes a very loud creaking noise that wakes up baby. To easily fix this, a standard adjustable shower curtain rod wedges perfectly between the ends of the legs on the floor to hold them in place (36" fully collapsed). Once we figured this out, there was no more creaking and we had a happy, well-rested baby!We did have an issue with assembly, where one of the screws stripped out a plastic piece that connected the swing to the motor. We contacted Fisher Price directly, and they sent us out a whole new unit at no cost. Great customer service. Overall, highly recommended. But trust me, you'll want to also get a 3' adjustable shower curtain rod!

A must have for any baby!

The swing has been great! We set it up in 10 mins. Our little man stays asleep longer after first falling asleep in the swing.1: swing speed has 5 or 6 different speeds2: the swing plays different lullaby’s for sleep or for waking baby up. The volume is great, can raise and lower it.3 swing can be changed for baby to swing side to side or back and forward.I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again. Our night time routine is feeding, burping, wrap him and let him fall asleep in swing and then transfer to crib. He sleeps all night!

Andrea Y
Don't be afraid of warehouse deals

Ordered this as warehouse deal the box came in a bigger box. The box inside was completely mangled like a dog hit a hold of it. However the product was just fine. All parts were there, works great. So happy I got a great deal on this.

Monica K
Great product

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This was super easy to assemble. I washed everything before assembling and it is perfect for when she arrives! All the noises/lullabies are fully functioning and so is the the mobile and the swing moves perfectly. The swing and mobile are pretty quiet. I love that the swing can be moved into different positions so easily!