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Musical Crib Mobile - 5 Melodies

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  • Fun at home and on the go: This take-along mobile lets you take the fun anywhere.
  • Easy attachment: Goes wherever baby goes. Use on cribs, play yards, carriers, strollers, bassinets, and much more.
  • Continuous entertainment: 30 minutes of uninterrupted music, with 5-different engaging melodies.
  • Engaging: The spinning toys visually stimulate a baby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Baby Heaven

I bought this mobile for my two month old son after discovering his fascination with ceiling fans. Purchasing this was the best decision ever because my son loves this mobile. My son is currently sleeping in his pack and play and this mobile fits perfectly on it with no problems so far. The mobile also fits my sons crib as well. Assembly of the mobile was very easy and straight forward. My boyfriend connected everything in minutes. Mobile requires 3 AA batteries which were easy to place inside. I love the fact that the clamp at them bottom that secures the mobile in place on the bed has rubber on the inside so it doesn't scratch up our wood crib when we get ready to use it there. The mobile swivels to the direction of the baby with ease and stays securely in place. The three animal friends attached to the mobile are colorful and cute which catches and keeps my sons attention. He also enjoys the tunes played by the mobile. The music is very soft and light and does stop within thirty minutes as stated. The silent feature is also a plus for those days that my boyfriend and I just need some piece and quiet. Another great feature about this mobile is the option to use this mobile on the go. My son still naps during car rides so he doesn't really need any entertainment at the moment, but when he gets a little older I can't wait to try out this feature. The support straps on the mobile for on the go use are stretchy and great for adjusting the mobile to different sturdy places. I would definitely recommend this product.

Adorable and portable

This is exaclty what I was looking for! My baby loves her mobiles right now and this gives us the ability to have it wherever she is. It fits perfectly on her pack and play and travels easily.Update: used this for several longer car rides and it kept my 3 month old entranced and quiet. Secured easily to her car seat and was easy to restart for the passenger by turning around slightly. Definitely saved us on those trips.

Battery operated and goes everywhere

My baby loves this! The multiple applications have made it essential! We have used this on the baby swing, on table legs, on the car seat, in the stoller, over the changing table, off of the stairway, in the Pack N Play, and anywhere we need our baby distracted. We've used the arm, large claw, and the velcro strap. Right now it is in permanent residence over our downstairs changing station. At 3 months, my baby was enchanted by the music. He would go into a trance watching the forest friends. At 6 months, my son still loves it.Thank goodness it has two settings! 1) music and spinning; 2) NO sound and spinning. The music is a nice music-box kind of sound, but there are times when less is more.

So cute & durable too

I love this mobile! I love that it doesn’t play continuous music too Long, but can also turn without music as well.I love that it’s portable! We’ve used this for 3 or our boys now, starting off with using it on the car seat to mute out the ambient noise, until they learn to reach it. Then we transition it to the crib or pack n play where they nap. Once my boy got older he would wake up, stand up in his crib to turn the button on, then lie back down & watch it spin & listen to music, waiting for us to get him. So cute & durable!

Love it! Unbeatable price!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I bought a $50 mobile for my first son's crib and I didn't love it as much as I love this one. I couldn't put it anywhere other than his crib. Plus, it broke and I didn't want to spend another $50 on a mobile they don't use for very long. That's why I love this so much. The price is unbeatable. I take this everywhere we go. It hooks to my child's car seat, his crib, his Pack n Play, his bouncer, even his changing table if I feel the need to occupy him for a minute. I've even been known to hold it over his head during a grocery store trip or my other childs soccer game just to keep him calm. The music isn't too loud and it isn't annoying at all like some toys can be. It's very versatile. Would buy this over and over again. My child is almost 4 months now and he still loves it.