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Musical Crib Mobile - Into The Forest

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  • ENGAGE AND DELIGHT BABY - Spinning black and white spirals delight baby as they encourage visual development.
  • SOOTHE AND AMUSE - 20 minutes of continuous classical music to soothe baby. The mobile grows with your baby converting into a stand-alone music box when the time for mobiles is over.
  • SOOTHING MOBILE MOTION - Specially-designed soothing motion for a calm and relaxed baby.
  • REMOVABLE MUSIC BOX - The music box removes easily letting you take it along on its own or later use as a standalone toy for an older baby.
  • CALMING NIGHTLIGHT - Soft nightlight comforts your baby as well. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Surprisingly good

When I got this in the mail, I was super impressed to see the quality of the box it was in. The packaging was really well thought out--pieces were packed carefully and shows the attention to detail they put into this. I was expecting another disappointing cheaply made product that was not as advertised (a common purchase experience these days), but I was pleasantly proven wrong. The quality of the mobile is pretty good, too. Easy to install, and it does the job. My feedback would be if they could increase the light or use an LED, it'd be great. Ditto with using a rechargeable battery pack or similar. I'd pay more for those features.

Puts my baby to sleep after playing for a while

I think I was a little late in buying my baby a mobile like this. I bought it and installed it when he was 4 months but he loves it! He kicks in excitement and just stairs up as it turns. I noticed others complained about the machine making knows but the only other noise I notice (besides the music) is the rings moving which is intentional. I don’t mind it. Especially when I see my baby focus on that part. I place him in his crib with this on right before he falls to sleep for bed time. He plays for about 20 minutes then knocks out! I feel his sleeping at night has gotten better because of it!I would definitely recommend.

Absolutely love this! So happy we found it!

I typically don't leave reviews, but I had to come here to let everyone know how amazingly helpful this mobile has been for our baby boy. He can be a bit fussy at times, loves to be held, and doesn't really take to any of the other devices that are supposed to hold and entertain the baby (mamaroo, baby bjorn, etc). This mobile has captivated our baby's attention and is able to keep him occupied for 20-30min intervals. The clicking noise that the little plastic star-shaped pieces make as they hit each other while the mobile turns keeps his interest, the high contrast colors all over seem to really be working, and the sound it makes is clear (and not annoying to the parent). Overall this has been one of the best things we've purchased for him and we just bought a portable Tiny Love mobile that we can take with us when we travel. Highly, highly recommended.

Knew I had to have it again.

I had this mobile (almost exactly the same) with my first two kids, but donated it because I thought I was done. When surprise baby 3 came along 6 years later, I knew this was a must have. I did look at other mobiles, including ones that matched the bedding, but remembered how much my other two loved laying in bed looking at this one, and knew I had to have it again.My first (now 8 year old) daughter used to fall asleep to the clicking sound the plastic pieces made. My new (11 week old) daughter doesn't fall asleep to it, yet, but it entertains her for a WHILE and she kicks and smiles and coos at it.

Seven babies highly approve!

We've been using this same mobile (though the animals changed slightly a while back) for over a decade! It's been a favorite around our house through all seven of our babies.This is the third one we've purchased. The other two have held up really well, but were either lost or damaged in previous moves. We still have the bottom part of our first one (11+ years old) and it still plays music like it's brand new, lol.The black and white patterns have always kept our babies really intrigued. We love the blue light for illuminating the animals in the night time, and all of the kids love the music, and find it nostalgic every time it's turned on, lol.Installs on the crib in no time and stays put really well! Has great battery life (we've been using ours regularly for three months and it's still going strong).I do wish the loudest setting was a tad more quiet, but it's not like, deafeningly loud. We highly recommend!!!