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Musical Crib Mobile - Orange - Moon & Star Projection

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  • ROTATING MUSICAL MOBILE: Four adorable dream pets dance and twirl to help lull newborn infants to sleep. A yellow puppy, pink kitten, orange bunny rabbit, and a happy red bird all gently keep watch at bedtime. Intended for ages newborn to five months.
  • A STELLAR LIGHT SHOW PROJECTS OVERHEAD: After the nursery room lights go out, an enchanting light show of the moon and stars projects onto the ceiling.
  • CALMING MUSIC OR SOOTHING SOUNDS: This captivating crib mobile comes equipped with several optional soundscapes. Choose between music that stops after fifteen minutes, continuous soothing lullabies, or gentle nature sounds to help your precious little ones fall fast asleep.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION: This mobile features a simple yellow knob that easily attaches to cribs with sturdy rails and spindles. Do not attach to playpens with mesh walls. For the rail thickness: Maximum rail thickness: 3.5cm / 35mm/ 1.38 inches.
  • SAFE FOR DELICATE NEWBORNS: Made from BPA-Free materials and CPSC Certified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rachel G
Would buy again

I got afraid that this was messing up after a couple of months because it started not shutting off after the fifteen-minute timer should have made it turn off, and it started playing the first line of "Row Row Row Your Boat" over and over... turns out that's what it does when the batteries are low. As soon as we replaced them, it worked perfectly again! I just saw several reviews mentioning the jumping and not cutting off after the 15 minutes, so I wanted to mention that.Overall, this was a great purchase that I would highly recommend to any new parent. It fits great on the side of my son's bassinet, and he absolutely loves it!

Should be made more quality design better.

There is no volume control there is only one setting.I think it is only worth $20.00The mobile goes around real slow doesn't catch the babies eye to watch it go around.You can only see the light on the ceiling if it is dark in the room. Maybe that is what it is ment for is night time only idk.Where you tighten it on the playpen or bed should be made different to fit more snug.If my 4 year old messes with it could fall in the crib.

Mary M. Tubbs
Great mobile!

My grandbaby loves this mobile! It assembles easily, worked great right out of the box. Tune is sweet, and the lights on the ceiling are fun.

L. Allen
Cute, works well

Great product! My daughter loves smiling you at the little animals. Only gave it 3 stars for volume control because there is no control, you get what you get. It's not as loud as some toys and we put a piece of tape over the speaker holes to further muffle the sound.

cute and functional

I didn't see a volume indicater it seems to be loud enough already. just enough for my baby to hear but quiet enough that it's not annoying. He seems to enjoy it. It was easy to assemble it needs three double A batteries and that's about it. super cute