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6-In-1 Bottle Warmer - 2 Bottles - 9.05"x9.05"x6.3"

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  • 6-in-1 Multifunctional - Heating, high-temperature cleaning, food warming, warm milk mode, defrost mode, timing function, and 6-in-1 multifunctional. The temperature can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • Large Capacity- This bottle warmer measures 9.05" x 9.05" x 6.3" for 2 bottles at the same time with extra room for a pacifier. The bottle fits all kinds of glass, plastic, and newborn feeding bottles including the wide mouth, angled, and standard. The baby bottle has a large opening that is easy to clean with a handle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fantastic warmer

This baby bottle warmer is overall a great product that easily warmed up my sons Comotomo brand bottles of breastmilk. Its an excellent value, easy and straight forward to use, and doesn't take up much counter space. Overall it seems like a great warmer and I'm very happy with its quality.

No more forgetting and ending up with bottles too hot

I really like this. I realize I can warm a bottle in a mug of hot water and set the bottle in that, but this is so much easier. It has a preset temperature so one press of the button and my bottle automatically gets to the temperature I want it to be (I can change the preset temp to be what I want it to be). Before using this, I used a hot water in a mug and walk away then forget about it until it's too late and the bottle is now hot... I can't do that with this.This also has a sterilizer function and supposedly even cooks and egg. But I go this purely to be a bottle warmer.It does come with a set of cleaning brushes which was a surprise - but they're pretty junky brushes, so I wouldn't purchase this item just because it includes those. The bottle warmer itself is great!

marshana johnson

Very easy to use. Nice packaging and I ordered this for my bestie who is having a baby this month. Great gift and good for earning bottles. I had this same one in my room for my nephew when he was an infant. This is a must have for new moms. I think the asking price is good

Valerie Burgess

Dose two bottles at once the best take one out other is waiting

Alberto Rico
Practical and very useful

I saw a lot of mixed opinions about this product and honestly not sure why. This product is all in one. Let’s start by saying that it weighs nothing. It’s super easy to travel with. It has a nice screen in the front? You basically select your function and let it work it’s magic. You can heat up/ sterilize etc. another thing I like is that it’s small enough to not take up too much counter space. Oh and the price won’t break the bank. To me this is a fantastic item.