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Bottle Warmer - Auto Off

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  • Warming Efficiency- Electric Steam Warming System gently and evenly heats and defrosts breast milk, formula baby milk, and infant complementary foods in minutes.
  • Easy to Use & Health - BPA Free, Prefilled appropriately, just pour, and turn on to start. The compact design fits easily in the bedroom or nursery, saving space for your kitchen. Easy to use at home, on the go, and even at daycare.
  • Universally Compatible -The large inner chamber will accommodate most kinds of bottle shapes and materials.
  • Safety Turn Off: Automatically auto-off after each heating cycle. Safe, Fast, Efficient - time saving and effective. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing warmer, not great measuring cup

This bottle warmer is SO fast. I also love that it automatically shuts off when it's finished warming the bottle. I do really hate the measuring cup- the numbers and lines and very difficult to see. Even the color of the cup makes the water level difficult to see. My husband wrote over the numbers with a black Sharpie, and it helped. Despite the issues with the measuring cup, I still love this warmer and recommend it.

Just what we needed!

We bottle feed our 4 month old just once a day before putting her down for the night so we didn't think we needed a bottle warmer but after seeing how much water we would use to warm the bottles, it was time to get a bottle warmer and we're so glad we did. It warms up the bottle quickly and is super easy to use. It probably saves a good 8 min a day but when having a 4 month old, every min gained is a win in my book.

Fast and efficient warmer

We love this bottle warmer! It heats up super fast by steam. We warm up both formula and breast milk and gentle enough! In fact we like it so much we bought two, one for upstairs and travel! Recently I used a friends (not the same brand)! It uses much more water-more like a boil instead of steam and took much longer to heat up the bottle. Bubos is the best!!

Daisy Holloway
Super easy to use

Overall really happy with it. It’s simple to use, heats up fast and to the perfect temp. My only comment is that the little measuring attachment is impossible to read I had to go in with sharpie and draw over the lines so I wasn’t having to squint every time I tried to fill it up.

Super easy and affordable bottle warmer

Initially I thought a bottle warmer was an unnecessary purchase. Didn’t event put it on my baby registry. I gave in 3 months later and it helps my LO go back to sleep faster during those late night feeds. So easy to use and fairly priced. I only use it for 4 oz Medela bottles of breast milk. Heats evenly and auto shuts off when done. Definitely don’t skip the instructions; make sure you’re pouring the right amount of water in! The measuring cup numbers are kind of hard to read but i marked it off with a permanent marker for an easier reading. Stop looking at other bottle warmers and buy this one!