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Convertible Swing - Raylan

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    • Bring baby's favorite seat on-the-go with this small baby swing.
    • The 2-in-1 design converts from a swing to a vibrating seat.
    • Features 5 swing settings and automatic swinging and vibrating.
    • Quiet motor plus 12-soothing melodies and 4 nature sounds.
    • The foldable design lays flat for storage or travel.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Tiarah L.
    love it. takes C and D batteries

    love it. takes C and D batteries... i had to google to find that info out. super soft and cute.

    K Jones

    I purchased this-this morning at wal-mart, which by the way is MUCH cheaper then on here.Pro's: Very gentle swinging motion. We also have a larger one and i swear its like he's going to go flying out (not really) Took about ehh 20 minutes to put together (made husband do it ;) ) My 6 month old seems to like it. I love that it has shoulder straps since my little man has figured out how to push backwards and LOVES to do back-bends over things.. I feel much safer about running upstairs and leaving him in it. I LOVE that it takes up no more space then a bed pillow. We are, for now, in a 16x22 attached garage so space is limited!! It's very light and folds up easy for take along or storage.CONS: The only issue we had, er my husband had, was when screwing the top bar in the screws acted like they didnt want to go in flush. He got them to but it took a little more effort then it should have.Addressing some of the complains I have seen for this product:No it's not sewn 3in too short. The head bar (that the cover attaches to) needs to be put in a sitting upright position (90ish % angle) and then you can put the cover on and lay it flat again. The cover is meant to be tight so you know.. the baby doesn't fall through. Sigh.The cute little buckle protector isnt a big deal.. I don't see any need to use the straps with a newborn any dang way. By the time you'll start using them your baby should be tall enough that it doesnt hit them in the face.. mine just chews on it till i get him buckled in.. which takes all of 10 seconds.. if that.Yeah the head pad isnt very adjustable but, again, for a newborn you dont have to velcro it in its spot.. just sit it under his/her head until they are tall enough that you can then velcro it in its spot.IMO some folks are just to dang picky over the sillies things.. If you want perfection you're going to have to spend A LOT on it..This is all just my 2 cents.

    It's a yes from me.

    Looks intimidating if your tired and don't feel like doing the work BUT it is easy to assemble - My 13 yr old put it together. Well made. I love that it can lock so it won't swing. The music plays continuously but each lullaby only lasts about a minute and cuts off in weird places. The pause is a bit long in between songs. I kept thinking it was the whole swing cutting off.Otherwise perfect for what we needed and would make a really good gift.

    Great swing!

    This swing is a great space saver! It’s folds up nicely and we slide it behind a piece of furniture. It rocks well and so far no issues with the battery life. It’s great as a place to lay a newborn down safely also, even when not utilizing the swing feature.

    Brandi V.
    Very satisfied!

    This swing has been a Godsend for when I need set my newborn daughter down to do things I can't while holding a fussy baby. The music and vibrate feature seem to sooth her when she's cranky or gassy. My only complaint is the assembly instructions were kinda vague in multiple places. I managed but it tool quite some time to get it out together.