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Cradle & Swing - Snug A Bunny

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    • Two swinging motions to help soothe baby: Rock baby side-to-side like a cradle or swing head-to-toe like a traditional baby swing.
    • Six swing speeds, 16 songs, and soothing nature sounds.
    • Two-position recline with 3-adjustable seat positions: right-facing, center, and left-facing.
    • Easy to convert to different swing positions. Just press the button and turn.
    • Machine-washable seat cover.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    My husband and I purchased the snugabear swing for our son after reading the excellent reviews and we could not be happier with our purchase! I posted a very detailed review on the snugabear swing, but had to leave a five star rating here too, as this swing series is just THAT good. Hands down, this fisher price swing series is the BEST purchase we have made as new parents. Other parents have jokingly called this swing the 'nanny' and they couldnt be more right! This swing is the only thing that has allowed me to break away long enough to go pee! My son loves it! He falls asleep quickly and stays asleep longer, allowing me to get more done during his naps. When he is wide awake, he enjoys watching his reflection in the dome.We love this swing series so much that we purchased this one, the moonlight meadow, for my best friend who is due in may! I just know she will love it and so will you!

    Good for when Mom/Dad needs a break!

    For $99, it makes for a pretty inexpensive babysitter! When my arms need a break from carrying my newborn baby, this is my go-to. That said, here are the pros and cons that I've found after about a month of use.Pros:- Swings front to back and side to side. Apparently my baby only likes swinging front to back so I'm glad I bought one that allows for both.- Plugs into wall or runs on batteries (but trust me, you won't want to be changing batteries -- mine stays plugged in all the time)- Can play music (daytime or nighttime lullabys) or white noise (crickets/owls) and the mobile can also spin- Baby seems to like watching the mobile and the mirror in the center- Holds baby at about a 30 degree angle, not quite enough for a baby with reflux, but better than flat on her back- Swing has multiple speeds and runs relatively quietly (as other reviewers stated, it does make noise, but it is white noise. I personally like being able to hear it, and I think the white noise calms the baby)- Really cute design -- the puppy seat is made of a soft, minky fabric and for a baby item, it's pretty neutral color (gray/white and some muted pastel)Cons:- It's big and takes up a lot of floor space. This is not something that you'll move from room to room or travel with. I still needed a small rocker that I could take from room to room.- I wish the angle of the swing was adjustable. My baby has reflux and a 45 degree angle tends to keep her from spitting up. Since this is maybe 30 degrees, so I can't set her in her swing right after she eats.- To swing front to back, you have to swivel the seat to the right (baby's head is on the left and feet on the right), so this may dictate where you put the swing so the baby can face you versus facing a corner or a wall. You can't swivel the seat to the left.- The music/white noise is on a timer so I have to get up to turn it back on when it times out- Assembly was a bit of a pain; I recommend having two people since you'll need a third hand to hold parts in place while you put the bolts in, but it only took about 30 minutes- My baby doesn't really fall asleep in this, so it's not the miracle soother I hoped it would be but it does calm and entertain her when my hands are fullI've been using this daily with no issues, It seems sturdy and well-built. Hopefully it lasts us a long time!

    Melissa Hood
    I will always buy these.

    This isn't the first time I've bought this swing for a baby. My son before this new baby had one and I still love it.Assembly was so easy. I did it myself. As I usually do anyway. Took me about 10 minutes to do.The swing sits perfect. No wobbling. No slanting.I see some reviews showing how theirs doesn't touch the ground. Judging by the pictures, some of their frames look bent. All you need to do is return it for a new one. And some people didn't have the legs all the way open on the swing. That makes a huge difference.I noticed when I was putting mine together that if I didn't have the legs perfectly lined up when I was screwing them together that it would make the swing a little crooked. So make sure you have it lined up properly. Even with me figuring that out it still only took me about 10 minutes.It's the perfect swing. My middle had the snuggabunny 7 years ago when it was still battery only. I love that it's plug in or battery now. Options are wonderful.The swing can go really fast, so always buckle your babies, please! A couple of my friends didn't buckle their babies (3+ months old, rolling over stages) and they plop right out.The songs are nice. There are night time songs and day time songs. Also nature sounds. The mobile is cute. I love that it moves up and down. The volume on the songs gets pretty loud. Which is also nice.The bucket seats itself is gigantic. And soooooo soft. I wish I could lay in it. Don't we all haha.Anyways. I highly recommend this swing. And don't wait so long to put the baby in it. I've seen people complaining and giving one stars to swings because their 6 month old whose never been in a swing, hates the swing. So don't do that � makes people think the swing is bad when it isn't.

    Struggling with newborn? BUY IT! Must read*

    JUST BUY THE SWING!!!I waited a couple of months before writing this.This review might be a little lengthy, but this one is for you mamas and papas late night prime shopping with tired eyes, minds and bodies! If your Looking for some honest input, look no further.Let me start off by saying, I really wasn't in the position to spend $100+ on anything baby related, honestly.My second son was an extremely happy baby. But also a very gassy, colic, and even a screamer in spurts throughout the day. For the first 39 days of his existence I struggled sitting him down, in all this over priced modern baby items. LolEvery tablet or drops they made, I triedEvery holding position, I triedBaby wearing, I triedEvery food I ate I removed from my diet to see if it was my breast milk.I had came to the conclusion that in his short lived moments of fussiness there was nothing I could do but to ride it out with him, until it passed.Until I seen a social media friend who raved how wonderful this swing was and how she was devastated to even part with it when her child grew.I immediately came here to to find it.I was a little apprehensive about this price, because in all honesty I didn't think it was going to work.But that didn't stop me from hitting the buy now button.It arrived, fairly easy to put together (even with a wild 4 year old who insisted to help)Exhusted me didn't even take the time to wash the seating and fluffy pads, I immediately sat my child in the swing, with very low expectations.I sarted the swing, and laid in the floor beside it, because ya know.. exhaustion loland within minutes he was comfortable and sound asleep!!!!! I just laid there and cried, mostly happy tears! Maybe a few guilty ones because I didn't try this swing sooner! LolBut each day, whenever he got in that uncontrollable fussiness. I made sure he was well situated. Clean diaper, feed, not to warm, not to cold, place him in his swing turn it on speed two, and boom within 9-12 minutes sound asleep! Giving me time enjoy my 4 year old and have some peace of mind.Which brings me to now, my 4 month old adores his swing!!! It was a life saver in the beginning and we still use it daily!! While the spurts of fussiness have since passed, this swing has remained!IT IS WORTH IT!!

    Jessica Wozniczka

    I buy a lot on and I have never taken the time to write a review of anything. But this is one I item I needed to review. My son suffered from terrible reflux literally as soon as he was born. He had trouble sleeping, he would projectile vomit and would scream-cry constantly. Sleep deprived and frustrated, I didn't know what to do. I decided to buy this swing for my son less than 2 weeks after he was born based off a reddit post I read that said it helped newborns with reflux. As soon as we put him in the swing and turned it on he IMMEDIATELY stopped crying. He would even nap longer than 45 mins! I couldn't believe it. He's currently 9 months old and he still uses the swing. I can't tell you how many hours it's been used, but we've used it every single day since it arrived so it has some miles on it. He loves the side to side rocking motion and loves watching the mobile spin while listening to the built in lullabies. I will say that the on/off switch is going and it makes a bit more noise than it use to, but honestly it was the best purchase I have made on this website and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. 10/10 and I recommend it to anyone who has a fussy baby or one that suffers from reflux.