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Cradle & Swing - Snug A Puppy

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  • Two swinging motions to help soothe baby: Rock baby side-to-side like a cradle or swing head-to-toe like a traditional baby swing.
  • Six swing speeds, 16 songs, and soothing nature sounds.
  • Two-position recline with 3-adjustable seat positions: right-facing, center, and left-facing.
  • Easy to convert to different swing positions. Just press the button and turn.
  • Machine-washable seat cover.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

We have many bassinets and a crib, and the only thing our newborn will sleep in is this crib, he doesn’t like to be flat. the head portion of the swing is slight elevated, which is what our son loves in order to sleep. The sides are also curved so this can replace any sleeping wedges, and since he is on his back, he can turn his head to both sides without anything near his face. We fold the dog ears behind the head to keep the face area more clear, keep our son in a halo swaddle, and keep the swing on the lower of the 2 tilt options. Our pediatrician is more than fine with us using this for him to sleep in, provided the things I’m describing above and below. Always always always watch to make sure things aren’t covering his mouth or face, unbutton or unzip slightly near his neck and fold materials so there’s a free V space by his neck. There’s a timer for the music, but not the actual swing, which doesn’t make sense...but you can buy outlet timers and plug the swing into it as an alternative. Once the baby is 4 months or more, then they recommend to raise it one small level up if desired. We actually bought another of this swing, one for both floors. The swing motions are great, many different speeds and it’s low enough noise to sleep with. Our son honestly sleeps in this without any rocking, it’s more about she shape of the body space and elevation that he likes. We highly recommend it.


Should have listened when everyone said get a swing. We got a Mammaroo instead and he HATES IT! This thing is gold! We have a possibly Colic 3 month old who cries and cries when we put him down. We broke down and ordered this last week. It came Friday and he’s been a heavenly baby ever since. He’s taken two two hour naps each day in this thing!! He’s been in such a pleasant mood I think because he’s been napping! Also last night he was in here for 4 hours then I fed him and transferred him to bed without him waking up!!Also we’re snobs and and love that it’s sleek looking! Its super soft and snuggly and BONUS the mobile moves!!!!

Fisher Price does it again!

Our daughter had one and so we had to get one when we got pregnant, again. Quick shipment, great price, and product has worked exceptionally! The only thing that was not up to par was the canopy thing. There were no holes to allow the pole to go through so we had to make our own. No biggie because other than that it's perfect. He loved the animal/outdoor noise and that lulled him to sleep, great for napping.The assembly was okay, not super hard, but not super easy.If you're shopping for a mobile swing or small swing this is not the one for you. It is quite wide and hard to move from room to room. Luckily we have double doors to our room, so it's easy to move for us.

Wonderful Swing!

My mom told us to get a swing for the baby. She said it helped her out a lot. We ordered this one and it is great! It was easy to put up. Our daughter loves it as well. We’ve been using it for 6 months and it still works great. It plays different songs (daytime music, nighttime music, and even had just birds noises). The rocking helps the baby sleep better and longer. We have her in her bed at night but she takes a nap in the swing often. My wife can cook dinner or do various other chores while the baby swings and sleeps. The baby doesn’t wake up as easily. When we want our baby to wake up we turn off the swing and let her wake up on her own. If we leave it on she sleeps for a really long time. We haven’t changed the position yet we just have it laying down since we just use it for sleeping. It has straps for active babies and to keep them safer. We also like how it can swing in different directions. We mostly leave it side to side. We recommend it to anyone who has a baby!

Great swing; Squeak can be fixed!

This swing is a life-saver! My baby boy does not like to lie still, and he refuses to lie flat (unless he is beside me). When I put him down for a nap in his swing, I am usually able to take a shower or catch up on some household chores while he sleeps, rather than have to hold him and get nothing accomplished. I love that I'm not burning through batteries when it runs for an hour or two at a time for good naps. The music is pleasant, and it's great to be able to adjust the volume. My lil guy really enjoys the rotating mobile and the mirror above him. The 5-point harness seems to be very secure and I don't worry about my baby falling out (He's only 8 weeks old, so it's not like he's climbing out just yet). I'd assume it would hold him securely once he gets a bit more mobile, as well. The variable speed and multiple positions for the swing itself are wonderful! I don't have to move the whole unit when the sun shines in, I can just rotate the swing and we're good to go.Note: Some have complained about the squeak when the swing is going. This is user related. The feet have to be fully extended at all times, or you will get a squeak. They must be spread apart periodically, as there is subtle movement when the swing runs. If you're hearing a squeak, just spread the feet (the entire base of the swing support) apart and the squeak will disappear.Note: You must have 4 C batteries installed to complete the circuit or it will not run at all, even if you have it plugged into the wall. Oh, and you'll need a phillips screwdriver for assembly.Overall, this is an excellent product and I'd highly recommend it to friends and family.