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Cradle & Swing - Woodsy Wonders

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  • 2 swinging motions: side-to-side or head-to-toe.
  • 6 swing speeds, calming vibrations, and 16 soothing songs and sounds.
  • Motorized mobile with 3 soft animal toys. AC plug-powered. The frame folds easily for storage and portability.
  • A perfect-fit seat, specifically designed for baby's comfort.
  • Machine-washable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Worth the money to have a good swing

Hallelujah! It is so nice to be able to put baby in this awake, and the thing puts her to sleep! I recommend having a moving mobile (which this swing has). My baby stares at it until she starts dozing off. I originally thought the music was fun but worthless. However, I tried some music just now, and I think it totally helped her fall asleep! She wasn’t interested in the mobile this time, but the music did the trick! It’s nice to have multiple tools at your disposal when taking care of a baby. I use a white noise machine when she’s in the swing too. This swing doesn’t really have just a plain white noise that I have found. Cute little tunes though. The swinging motion is awesome of course to help them fall asleep. But also I’ve noticed, it can help them stay asleep too. If your baby seems to hate it, don’t give up too quickly. Keep trying for a few days and I bet you’ll start to have some luck. It is best to put them in it before they are too tired and overly stimulated. Put them in it when they are still awake. If they are happy, leave them there and they may start dozing. If they are mad, take them out and try again later. If it’s to the point my baby is overly tired, I usually then have to resort to holding her and rocking her with the binky.

Heidi S.
Your baby's BFF

This swing is great and really is the only thing that my babies wanted to sleep in the first few months. We tried the more expensive mamaroo and the motion just didn't soothe them in the same way or make them feel as snuggled. Two of our kids used this as their full time bed during sleep regressions so I can truly say we wouldn't have survived without it! The only con to this is that it's quite large and not easy to move around. You really have to have the space for it so toting it around from room to room isn't super feasible.

Matthew Leonard
Life saver - baby loves it

My baby loves this swing! He'll stay asleep in it for a couple hours (shhhh!) Which is so much better than putting him in his crib and waking up every 10 minutes. I can actually get a few things done around the house when I put him in this. Seat has two positions. We keep it in the flat position vs inclined. It was a little difficult to put together (the canopy thing especially). My baby loves the mirror. One of the feet on this isn't flush to the floor so it raises up a bit when it swings. Love the creatures mobile and colors. We use it plugged in 100% of the time.

Comfy for baby & Great Customer Service

So when looking for a baby swing it probably took me a week to pick because I was definitely on the fence because every single swing has such mixed reviews! If you're on the fence, just do it. The colors are neutral light grey, tan, light blue, and slate blue.The seat: the cover and straps are easy to remove so it can be washed. My LO loves her swing and the cover doesn't show any wear after 3 months. It is a silty soft texture with a white minky feeling seat. YES it's WHITE but those 2 blowouts that happened washed right now! The bouncer seat can change from forward/side facing swing. Easy to remove rocker from base which Makes it easy to go to the bathroom or take to another room to get something done without being tempted to leave baby alone or dread having to take LO out for that quick bathroom trip just to wake them up. The height of the incline is great for adjusting with age. She started out in the more flat position and now sits all the way up. Vibrator requires batteries, so might as well start that stash now!The base is sturdy from what have experienced, but ours is on carpet. The width is about the same width as a pack and play so keep that in mind when ordering.Motor: ours has always been pretty quiet and it is easy to watch tv with it going in the background without any problem. You can hear it, but way quieter than a baby crying � we received ours the day before my LO arrived and today it kicked the bucket, which caused me to mentally weep on the inside for a minute after doing all the trouble shooting (you're already invested so just keep reading to the end). I would buy this swing 100 times more and recommend it to all my friends having babies!Fisher Price Customer Service: Let me start by saying my entire call was 9 minutes. With a LO that's fussy and fighting nap time, that's AMAZING. The person I talked to was very nice, understanding, and listened to what was happening. We troubleshot again over the phone and after determining that the motor was to blame and the swing was still under warranty through just purchasing (you do not need to purchase the warranty). Since the motor piece itself wasnt available, a brand new entire swing is on the way with an email receipt of the claim number and waiting for the shipment email. She even did expedited shipping! Very happy and so will baby when her new swing gets here.

A must have for parents!!!

Thank you jesus for this swing....I swear I gave birth to the most adorable little spawn ever. From about 2 months old on my daughter would scream because she wanted to be held and then scream because you were holding her. She is now almost a year old and not much has changed. But in her few months of life this swing was my go to. She would actually sleep in it for more than a 5 minute clip. I loved the fact you could adjust the volume, swing speed, and turn the whole seat. Sometimes she liked the side to side motion, other times she preferred the front to back motion. This swing bought me a few extra zzz's so for that I am grateful.Size wise....this thing is pretty big and sticks out. I put ours in the corner and still managed to stub my toes on it countless times. But again my mangled toes were so worth the extra sleep I was able to get. I highly recommend this swing!!