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Play Space - 18.5 sqft

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    • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility: Exclusive reversible legs have outdoor stakes for lawn stability and anti-movement/non-scratch floor pads for any interior floor surfaces.
    • Spacious: Over 18.5 square feet and 28" tall provides a safe space for the child to play.
    • Easy & Quick Assembly: No tools required.
    • Unique Hinge Design: Each panel can be used as door access.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Good for large spaces

    We were looking for an affordable free-standing gate to keep our child away from one of the side walls of our living room. It's an odd space to try and block off, because there are electronics, books, and also our dog's things, so we wanted to try and find something we didn't have to anchor in and was easy to move around. This play space is great. It's easy to remove a panel, and the gate moves around easily enough for us to adjust it to best meet our needs. As long as the panels are set up at angles to one another, it's sturdy enough when our child holds onto it - she isn't yet walking, but gets onto her knees and grabs at the gate. We don't have any concerns right now of her tipping it or losing her balance when she's holding on, either. We're going to buy a second one for our family room; it will be great having additional panels we can use interchangeably between the two.

    Using this as a playpen for 10 month old

    This works great. I bought Two (2) of them and have used 7 panels for a play area and 5 panels as a "nap pen" for my 10 month old grandson who stays with me all day while mom & dad work. He began to climb out of his pack n' play pen so I couldn't trust leaving him in it for a nap. He can't get over the sides of this pen because they are a few inches higher than the pack n play. I put a small pack n' play mattress in it and he sleeps in it with no problem.We have the section of 7 sections put over foam tiles and carpet. We put lots of toys in it and I can sit in the room with him and he can't get into stuff he shouldn't. No chasing him all over. I love how light weight it is and how easy it is to set up and move around. This fall we will be taking it outside so he can play in the yard and not escape. My DIL ended up buying one for use at her house. Great panels to get creative with!

    6 panels doesn’t offer a lot of space

    Unless you have a small space purchase the “Versatile Play Space” which includes the additional 2 panels...or buy 2 full play spaces seeing as though the 2 panels are $30 alone.The 6 panel gate is a decent size for a new crawler, but once they start moving it doesn’t offer a lot of room. I have a relatively small home and even I’m waiting on my delivery of the additional 2 panels because this doesn’t even cover the size of my play mat.PROS:• contains busy body babies• decent size• no construction• easy to fold• slim for storage• light enough to carry• sturdy when positioned appropriately (follow directions - hexagon, octagon, decagon - don’t go by pictures of other users!)CONS:• The “smooth” side is on the outside which makes no logical sense• The design on the panels makes it easier for a child to grab or step onto vs vertical bars which would be preferable• “C” is not actually marked like “A” and “B” are...C is the grey circular button on each of the panels

    Use as play yard, baby gate, or barrier

    Our house is very open concept in our downstairs with a large opening going from the dining/kitchen area to family room (8 ft wide). I have a 3 year old and sit for my 15 month old nephew (who is into everything now that he's walking). I bought this play yard to use outside to keep this littlest one confined so that he doesn't get into trouble, but I have found that I use it most as a "baby gate" between the dining room and family room. I don't attach it to the wall and just move a couple of dining chairs to stabilize it and it works like a charm at keeping the littles in the play room. It is very durable and easy to set up. I have also used it by the pool when the little ones don't want to swim any more but need to be confined. I have even left it outside overnight and in the rain and it holds up just fine. Easy to open when we need to walk through. I would highly recommend this play yard.

    S. Cox
    Easy and versatile

    This solves so many problems, I can't recommend it highly enough. We have two beagles and this is a godsend for us, especially when traveling to places that are less dog-safe or have more temptations (Christmas tree, holiday foods). It requires basically no assembly and is lightweight and portable. You can add or subtract pieces to create whatever size you need. Some examples of how we've used it: as a gate (keep them from venturing up/down stairs, prevent slipping out the door - adult humans can easily pass through), as a big pen (play together securely while the humans do other things, let them relax in a safe space after being played with by little kids and other dogs during family parties), two smaller pens for sleeping (so much easier than traveling with crates), and as a blockade (keep them away from Christmas trees, furniture they're not welcome on, etc.). Obviously given their temporary/portable nature, these aren't the tallest or sturdiest structures in the world so kids/dogs could knock them over and escape if they tried hard enough but as a supplement to adult supervision they are excellent for creating varied spaces for the whole family.