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Baby Playmat & Gym - Silver Lining

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    • Developmental Activities Include: Musical sheep toy that plays a cheerful tune, colorful Led light-up star, cloud squeaker, bird rattle, and baby-safe sunshine mirror.
    • Features: Cloud-Shaped Tummy Time Pillow for newborns with a plush cloud-like minky surface on one side and a fun star-printed surface on the other.
    • Size (inches): 36L x 36W x 19H.
    • PVC-Free and Phthalate-Free,

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great Value

    I'm so glad I purchased this for my 3 month old who is starting to explore with her hands more. She really enjoys kicking the hanging toys and the mat is very soft and cushioned. I use the tummy time cloud pillow with her and even sometimes use it for my head as I lay down next to her while she plays. This was one of the items we did not get off our registry and I am so glad I got such a great deal on it through Warehouse. I highly recommend! This was super easy to put together, only took me 10 minutes at the most. The toys can be moved higher or lower and each one offers a different appeal to the senses- light, squeaking, rattling, crinkling and music along with a shiny mirror and soft, plushy materials. It's gender neutral so I can save it for our next child down the road and isn't garish to look at in my newly redone living room.

    Vickie d
    Built very well and secure.

    Built very well and secure. Nice pops of color. Our new granddaughter isn't quite 2 months old yet, but she does see the different clouds. We feel the activity gym is safe and will have no worries when she is big enough to play with the various hanging activities.

    Very, very nice and developmentally appropriate for babies

    Honestly, this is one of the best toys I've seen/purchased for my son. I got the idea that a play mat was actually worth the money/space when visiting a friend, (who is working on a PhD in developmental and educational psychology), with a son the same age as mine, (3m). She had a similar mat, both boys were engaged with the toys and moving about, so I started looking for my own.I found this mat to be wonderful in every way. My son loves the toys, (he seems to learn something new about them each day), it's spacious for learning to roll over, and has a fluffier, softer area [clouds] good for play and naps, and a less fluffy half that I like for tummy time because his face doesn't sink into it. The like is nice for babies with reflux because it can be issed to elevate their upper half. I personally also like that everything is soft in fabric, stuffed, not too loud or lit up, and calming in color.I only have two suggestions to future purchasers:1. Buy those connecting rings and use them to hang the toys little lower than the original product allows. This made a big difference for my son actually interacting with the toys.2. Have a variety of other hanging toys ready to rotate onto and off of the play mat to keep things new and interesting for your baby. I bought a few he seems to like from this company and others, they can all clip on and hang down.

    Great but!

    Our 4 month old loves this play mat. It kept him busy for quite some time. We really like that each of the toys it comes with does something different.

    Jessie James Boyd
    My baby loves it

    Disliked the sheep (I found the sound annoying). I just replaced it with one of our other toys. Easy to change out/rotate toys. My baby loves the cloud the most.