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Baby Rocking Chair - Navy Girl Woodsy

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  • An infant seat that grows with your baby from infant to toddler (up to 40 lbs).
  • Removable toy bar with a cute animal pal and clackers for baby to bat at.
  • Switch to stationary seating with a fold-out kickstand.
  • Calming vibrations for extra soothing.
  • Deep, cozy seat with adjustable seat back and machine-washable seat pad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent rocking chair.

I needed a second rocker for downstairs since the mamaroo is too heavy to carry.This is excellent, super light and my 10wk old preferred this over the other.Very trendy gender neutral relaxing colors, easy to clean fabric.Sturdy enough that my almost 4y old watched a movie and took a nap there. Love it and would recomend to everyone

A Must-Buy for Baby!

This chair is my number one recommendation to all my expectant friends. All three of my kids have one, and my 4 year old still sits in hers! I have purchased many throughout the years as baby gifts, and every mom has gone on to say that it is their favorite. The chair rocks, has a lever to keep it steady, a safety strap, rattle toys, and a vibration mode. Highly recommend!!

Amy Bumgardner

Was looking for something that would be handy for use with our new granddaughter and came across this item. Not only was it handy for her to use, but her 18 month old sister was able to enjoy it, too! Converts easily so they can "take turns" using it and I am happy to know it will have years of use between the 2 of them.

Exactly what we needed

My 4 month old outgrew her original bouncer seat we had but isn’t old enough to sit up/support herself completely. I needed a seat she could fit and grow into. This is amazing. So glad I purchased this. And I think it was a good price!The seat fabric is soft and comfortable. The vibration is strong. I love that she can rock or we can stabilize the seat. She enjoys the hanging toys.Things to consider:I wouldn’t leave the toys on the seat if you’re going to have your baby rock in the chair. They swing and come dangerously close to hitting baby in the face. I only attach the toys if the seat is stable.Also, pick up some D 1.5 volt batteries before it arrives, because it doesn’t come with a starter battery.

Highly recommended for babies

After some very fancy and extra expensive bouncers we wanted to try something more simple that baby would actually like. We were not sure, but the moment we put him in, he loved it. Very light so you can carry it around the house, can place it on a sofa, bed, floor and leave your baby to play, sit back, while you do choirs or jist enjoy the time with the baby. Great for napping as well. The two toys are very attractive and our boy loves them. I look forward to using it later as a chair for a toddler. Unisex color scheme. Try this one first at a very reasonable price, before paying extra for the bouncers your baby may not like. Simple and again great product by Fisher price that our baby loves.