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Baby Rocking Chair - Pink

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  • An infant seat that grows with your baby from infant to toddler (up to 40 lbs).
  • Removable toy bar with a cute animal pal and clackers for baby to bat at.
  • Switch to stationary seating with a fold-out kickstand.
  • Calming vibrations for extra soothing.
  • Deep, cozy seat with adjustable seat back and machine-washable seat pad.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
must have

hands down a MUST HAVE ... i’m telling you this chair rocks. it’s perfect for numerous things but what i loves about it is ... it’s PERFECT to carry into into the bathroom and put your little one in while you’re showering or getting ready. it vibrates and has little dangle things that keep them occupied. you can adjust the back of the chair to sit up more for when your babe is little but you’re trying maybe baby food but they’re still too tiny for a high chair... it vibrates which puts them to sleep... there is a little like “kick stand” which stablelizes it so it won’t rock. adjustable straps so your little one won’t fall out. and on top of everything the baby looks SO comfortable in it.

Love this baby to toddler chair!

We’ve been using this chair for about a month now and so far really like it!The main reason I bought this was because of the extended weight limits. Most chairs/bouncers max out before a baby can even sit up. Not this one! She will be able to grow with this chair as she transitions into toddlerhood.Perfect for when baby doesn’t want to swing or lay under a play mat. I mostly put my daughter in this in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner. It’s also easy to carry downstairs when I need to do laundry or work out. We don’t really use the vibrations so I can’t speak on that. Overall a great little alternative seat for baby :)

Mary Beth Pipes
Great chair. Upgraded to this one. Should have bought it from the start!

Love love love this chair! We bought it as an upgrade from the snugabunny bouncy seat that my son quickly reached the weight limit. He throws up a lot and liked to nap during the day head elevateded in his bouncer. I wish I had just bought this one from the start! I like the kick stand. It reclines him back perfectly and it very easy to engage or release. The chair is nice and light so it's easy to move around the room and the baby loves it! Reclined it positions him just right!The only way this chair could get better would be if they added some of the self rocking stoppers like they have on the rock n play auto sleepers. That would put this chair over the top for me.

You can NEVER go wrong with Fisher Price!!!

I bet right now, as you are reading this, you are probably scrolling through all these customer reviews reading about this rocker seat chair, weighing its pros and cons from others who have already purchased this so you won't have to waste your money,Well, here I am, a NEW MAMA to the most wonderful, yet crazy (are they all not :P) 6-month-old baby boy.He was initially using the FISHER PRICE "Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle n' Swing" since he was a newborn!But like all good things, it had to come to an end. He's now too tall and too heavy for his swing, so my husband and I had to think of something to replace his swing, and FAST! It was the only thing that made my son fall asleep.Like you all right now reading this, I rely on customer reviews and ratings on ALL MY PRODUCTS before I purchase them! Not only online, but in the store as well.I WANT TO GET THE BEST OF MY MONEY. And that's what you want, too.I used to solemnly swear to only buy things based on their price because "when you buy cheap, you get cheap" and that was just a no-no for us. I looked and scrolled through all 's products to see if there was a swing out there that would hold a baby over 25 pounds since my 6-month-old son was already almost 20.Of course, I browsed through all the expensive stuff first. But then I thought to myself that FISHER PRICE never let me down once with their products. Their products are the most affordable on the market! So I took my chances once more and chose to get this ROCKER SEAT for $34.BOOM BAM! Saving grace and answer to all my prayers!! YOU CAN NEVER GO WRONG WITH FISHER PRICE!Yes, they are affordable, which makes it skeptical to buy because the price is too good to be true.THIS ROCKER SEAT is everything I was looking for!! It can hold my son until he's 40 pounds, it rocks like a rocking chair, reclines head positions, and is big enough for my tall baby :PThank you, FISHER PRICE!!!! Btw, I stopped swearing by "if you buy it cheap, you'll get cheap out of it." :)

Makes life with a newborn easier

This has made life as a new mom so much easier! I take this wherever I go in the house and my baby really seems to love it. One of the best uses is that I can put her in it in the bathroom while I shower so she can be close by and I don’t have to give up on my hygiene. Seemed impossible with a newborn before.