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Soft Building Blocks - 10 Pieces

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    • A true classic baby toy. Super soft blocks for toddlers and babies with beautiful colors.
    • 10 hand-sculpted toy blocks. 
    • Squeezy and chewable blocks, perfect for little nibblers.
    • The blocks come with a reusable bag that is made of 100% recycled fabric.
    • Encourage early learning. Teaching colors, numbers, hand-eye coordination, and more.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    My go-to gift for babies

    Well made with lots of thought into multiple uses. Each block has a number, that number of same type of different shapes on one side, and that number of different type of animal around the block. Soft for little hands and your feet when you accidentally step on one.

    Great, soft, chewable blocks!

    My little one (4 months) loves these blocks, nice, soft (I don't have to worry about the edges poking eyes), and chewable! I love the colors and designs on each block. They do have a offputting smell but I wiped them down after unpackaging and it seemed to help a bit. Great for fine motor skills!

    Children learn so much through play!

    I once had a teacher who said children learn through play! Those words stuck with me and after the baby was born I ordered so many toys (developmentally appropriate of course!)My baby is only 5 months but she enjoys playing with these( supervised of course). I stack them in a pyramid shape and she tries her hardest to crawl over and knock them down! It motivates her to crawl so I love it.I purchased two sets. One to take with me if we go over friends or families houses. Also this seller has all their stuff packaged so cute.I think it makes a cute gift as well. Maybe throw it together and make a gift basket.

    They are so well made and the best looking blocks you can buy

    My daughter has been playing with these blocks since she was a couple months old. The way she plays with them has changed so many times during her development. It started out as a way for her to stay content during tummy time, then turned into teethers, floating/squirting bath toys, an incentive to crawl...then the crazy tower combos! At 20 months old now, she is STILL playing with them. She is quite the talker so we are onto learning colors and numbers. I can say that these blocks have also helped her to learn her animals when used simultaneously with storytime. Also, they still look brand new even with over a year and a half of regular cleaning. They are so well made and the best looking blocks you can buy. Yay for B. Toys! We love these so much that we have also purchased some as gifts. Very happy recipients!

    Can't go wrong

    A top toy in my book - we purchased these when our son was less than one year old. He's for now and we have a one and a half year old daughter. We use these blocks everyday consistently and they're still in perfect condition. No hesitations or concerns. They're a favorite toy for sure! I have long considered buying a couple more sets and we also have the alphabet set.