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Baby Swing - Abbington

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  • Metal, Plastic, and Polyester.
  • The removable swing seat doubles as a portable bouncer.
  • 6-swinging speeds allow you to find the right setting to calm your baby.
  • Roomy seat with recline and head support to keep your baby cozy.
  • 2-speed vibration further comforts your little one.
  • 10-melodies and 5-soothing sounds to calm and amuse your little one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great purchase

This swing is absolutely perfect for the money if not better than it's more expensive counter parts. The noise level is a non issue, it is simply white noise and barely a whisper. The music is very pretty classical music and plays softly or can go quite loud. The swing also goes pretty fast when you need it to or it can go in a slow rocking motion. It is a great investment!!! A couple of things, the instructions were terrible. We laughed and threw them then we grabbed the parts and just started to put it together. It was very easy once we looked the parts over and we had it together in less than 20 min. Also the mobile is fixed and not movable....so, not a mobile. And the vibration is separate from the swinging controls and must have a D battery.

Brittany Lewis

This swing is amazing. Not only does the baby love it as it soothes her when nothing else will, but it's so versatile with 2 vibration speeds and 3 different directions to turn it. Sometimes being able to turn it so she go a different direction and see something new is all she needs. I also love the music on this one as it's more classical piano type and not lullabies over and over again. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars gets old and so does beepy music, but this music is not annoying and it's also very soothing (even to me!). I highly recommend this swing over others.

C Lo
You can eat dinner with both hands!

Grandma tried to assemble it first and had some struggles. My husband came home and finished putting it together and said it was pretty easy to assemble, but he has an affinity for assemblage.The swing is great! We love both vibration settings, and the sway settings are great. For our 1 month human, we keep the setting on 1-3, but it goes up to like 8 or something. So it will grow with the child.The mobile stars are white and gray, and our baby smiles at them like they are telling jokes.I read a review before buying that for little babes, the head support lacks, so a rolled blanket on the sides helped with that.The one dislike is that she spits up whenever she’s in the swing. I think it’s the angle of how she’s seated rather than the motion.But she loves the swing, and it gives us 15-20 minutes (while she’s awake, more if she falls asleep in it) to clean, eat, or yada yada yada.

Serves its purpose

I waited to buy this for my second child as we had purchased a more expensive swing for the first baby and she hated it. With encouragement from friends who swore by a swing, I finally caved and ordered this one because it is much lower of a price than the ones I found at buy buy baby, which are all these fancy, motorized contraptions. Anyways, not wanting to spend $300 for a swing he might not even use, I ordered this one. He really loves this and will sometimes sleep for 2 hours in it which is amazing! It was easy to assemble, very basic, nothing fancy.I debated giving it 4 stars because after about a week of use it started making this annoying squeaking sound when it swings. I keep it in the living room and the baby doesn’t mind, so I’m not downgrading for the squeak. If I had this in our bedroom I don’t think I’d be able to sleep through the noise tho. Great buy overall for something basic to keep your little one happy for a bit while you get other things done around the house or even a hot shower!

Love this swing!

This swing is awesome. It’s not as huge and bulky as most other swings, it’s really simple and easy to put together (took abut 20 minutes). I can easily move it from room to room if needed and my baby loves it! Others have complained about the lack of head support, but that is easily fixed with a rolled up receiving blanket or a car seat head support. The music is great, it’s all classical and soft soothing melodies. There’s also a volume control so you can turn the sound down. I am a huge fan of the fact that it breaks all down and can easily be stored in the box it came in which isn’t too big. Its priced really well and I’d definitely buy it again! I’m also a huge fan of the fact that it plugs in so you don’t have to buy and replace batteries!