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GPS Tracker For Kids

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  • FREE SERVICE FOR 1st MONTH with easy activation on arrival. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED - 39.99 per month with a 1-year contract & includes SIM card, unlimited tracking, 60 voice mins per month, premium safety features, & more.
  • SAFEST GPS TRACKER for autism, special needs & dementia - Only tracker with continuous all-day monitoring. Advanced Safeguard GPS for the most accurate location. Assistive Speakerphone allows you to your child or listen in and make sure they are ok - auto-answer for special needs, SOS call button to know when they need you. Unlimited Live Tracking, Customizable Geofence Safe Places, Guardians, Detailed Location & Transit History, & More.
  • INTELLIGENT iALERTS - This tracker learns daily routine for alerts when potentially dangerous situations occur: Early Departure, Unexpected Places, Late Arrival, Late Departure.
  • SAFE RIDE MONITORING: Live Route, Max Speed, ETA, Unexpected Delays & Stops - Know if they miss the bus, get off at the wrong stop, the bus breaks down, or got off the bus but did not go into school. 

Customer Reviews

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Peace of mind

I really recommend this not only for special need children but for every children. This will give you peace of mind the best investment I have made I love it and is allowed in school just have the school sign the contract that ángel sense provides

Very Impressed

I have a son with autism that has recently started to wander/elope. I looked at a few trackers but decided on trying this one because of the features they offer and that my son cannot remove it. I am beyond impressed with the device's accuracy. If my son gets out I can open my app and be able to locate him right away. I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I have door locks and cameras but he's fast. I also love the ETA feature. I know when I can expect him home based on the speed he is moving and I get a text when he gets to school, home, etc. There is an option to listen in too and since my son is cannot talk (non verbal) I use the listen in to make sure he is okay. This is a game changer and I really don't know how we lived with out it. I love our AngelSense. What an amazing invention.

It has saved my son's life!!

I absolutely adore our device. It has definitely been a life saver for my special needs child that has a tendency of eloping. It is small and easy to wear. I can just put it in his pants/shorts pocket with the fastener and he will wear it all day without the risk of being removed. It let's me know the moment that he leaves the designated area and I am able to track him in real time. I can also call the device and listen in if needed to ensure he is doing well when being watched by others. In cases of emergencies I can also do a 2-way voice call and speak to him and he can communicate back.

Absolutely the best! Love the voice features!

I bought this for my 13 year old who has autism and is nonverbal.I love that I am able to call the device and listen to hear how he is doing. I love to hear his humming and babbling! If he runs away I can tell him to stop or talk to others! I would never get a tracker without voice! It’s amazing that it automatically picks up the call and turns on the speakerphone and my child doesn’t need to do anything!He got used to wearing it pretty quickly because it’s small, and he can’t get it off, which is super helpful due to his sensory issues! I Love that I am able to see where he is every moment of the day and that it alerts me on anything unexpected, even when the school bus stops! No other tracker does this and I tried many and it is super important since he’s a runner.The customer care is all US parents to children with special needs, working from their home. The level of service is mind blowing. They really understand!I am so excited about it, I feel like I can breathe again!

I am so grateful for this!

My child is autistic, and an eloper. Now more than ever with the closing of schools and no 1:1 therapy he desperately needs, he elopes more often. This device is a GODSEND as I'm able to find him if/when he runs off within minutes. Love the notifications and that I can call him, have it pick up automatically and I can tell my little one to stand still mom's coming! My neighbors also know he's a runner, and the fact that in an emergency they can have immediate temporary access to the app and his surroundings is fantastic to help me find him. I cannot say enough about how this device has proved so necessary to our lives, and as he grows we can give him hopefully some more independence!!! (BTW their customer care is wonderful.. all moms who use the device too!!!)