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Toddler Toys - Apples

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  • COLOR SORTING TOYS HAS MANY WAYS TO PLAY: The 12 counting apples stem toy is an educational toy in 3 colors and 12 seed colors. Use the Montessori toys for toddlers as color matching games, fine motor skills toys for toddler activities.
  • KINDERGARTEN LEARNING GAMES: Each apple has a different color and number, with corresponding seeds and holes. Seeds & numbers are contrasting colors and easy to see which works well as sensory toys or math games for kindergarten. 
  • STEM DESIGN PROCESS CHALLENGE: The fun and learning don't end there with the stem toys for 4-year-olds. Montessori toys for 3-year-olds include engineering design challenge design cards to inspire students' creativity through hands-on learning and problem-solving. The prompts are tailored to your child's development. 
  • BEST GIFTS FOR GIRLS & BOYS: The toddler learning toys for 3-year-olds and stem learning toys are great learning resources. Certified Non-Toxic, BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalates-free.

Customer Reviews

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Great learning toy

I bought these apples for my in home childcare for our Apple unit and my littles love them! Right now it’s mainly ages 3-5 that have used them, I feel like my two year olds will get a lot of use out of them. We’ve done counting and color review with them, sorting, weighing and will be building a combo washing station/factory today. This was definitely money well spent. I’m looking forward to purchasing more skoolzy items (maybe the letter flowers next.)

Fun, bright, and educational

These are amazing! I think they are great aids in helping kids with both their creativity and their critical thinking skills. There are numerous ways to play with them, and the apples by themselves are fun but educational. I would highly recommend this to teachers, childcare workers, and even parents for helping kids learn in new ways.

A great Stem toy for youngsters

This product is a great STEM activity for toddlers up to 1st graders. I need to mention our cat finds it fascinating as well. These apples are sturdy plastic that open up to show different counts of seeds. Apples can be used for pretend washing , creating a store, making an apple factory, learning to count and whatever else you and your little one can imagine. The Apple Counting Color Matching Factory also comes with 7 sturdy cards that offer ideas and directions.

Think outside the box

This is a fun learning product that can grow with your child’s mind. What starts out as a simple matching game can grow with your child so they can “think outside the box.” Included with the product are 7 STEM cards to help your child think differently... they can make a wash station, for example, using tissue paper as the water or create a conveyor belt to move apples from one spot to another. This is a product that will grow with your child to increase their learning ability and creative thinking skills, which will be a wonderful benefit they will use their whole life.

Educational and entertaining

While these are designed to be educational and teach children how to count and recognize different colors, they're also entertaining as simple toys on their own. My 3 year old granddauther enjoys counting, putting the apples in order, and trying to figure out which peice goes with which; while the youngest of 19 months (with visual impairments and a strong tactile sensitivity) enjoys the vibrance of the colors and the smoothness of the toys. Both kids have entertained themselves for an hour at a time, which is rather impressive given the simplicity of the apples.