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White Noise Machine - 30 Sounds

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  • 30 Soothing Soundtracks: Our white noise machine provides 30 soundtracks, including 8 white noises, 8 fan noises, 10 natural sounds, and 4 lullaby music tracks. There are also 4 equalizer modes available to help you customize your sound.
  • Comforting Ambient Lights: Choose from 6 different ambient lights and a default nightlight. Switch on and off your light by tapping on the metal grill.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls: Our touch-sensitive and back-lit buttons offer intuitive control. You can skip soundtracks, turn up/down the volume, set a timer, and more.
  • Effectively Covers Out Noise: Our sound machine plays soothing sounds, that effectively block out background noise in noisy environments.
  • Compact & Portable: The lightweight and compact design make it easy to fit in your backpack or suitcase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I am an extremely light sleeper and I'm used to sleeping with a fan, but my fan was on its way out so I needed something new to help me sleep. I wasn't sure this would be the same as having my fan, but it works great. there are plenty of sound options and it's so easy to use. I haven't traveled with it yet, but it seems easy enough to travel with. I was worried that because of its small size it wouldn't be loud enough, but I found I didn't even need to put it on its loudest setting. definitely recommend.

Everything we were looking for in one perfect little package!

We had been searching for something like this for our son for a while now. He wanted options for sound that weren't tin sounding like a lot of the cheaper versions as well as for soft light during sleep. Most night lights have been too bright or directed so had to be placed far away and partially covered, however this was perfectly diffused and easy to change right by his bedside. The large assortment of sounds are not only helpful during sleep but for distance learning as well as they help to diffuse distracting noises in the house. The white noise fan option is helpful for this as well and the waterfall sound helped him to fall asleep within 5 minutes!!! The Letsfit White Noise Machine was a great purchase for our family!

First night slept like a baby

I ordered this product because my house has hardwoods throughout and I hear every sound! This worked like a charm. I turned it on the first night and was lulled by the even constant sound. I prefer the light off as this sits on my nightstand. Still trying to figure out the different sound settings but so far, very happy with this purchase.

Excellent way to ensure my guests have a restful sleep

I've been using this sound machine by Letsfit for about a month in one of my AirBnb short term vacation rentals. My guests have very much appreciated the soothing noise options helping them gain a restful night sleep while staying at my home. This has improved guest ratings and feedback and plan to add more of these machines in our homes.


Pleasantly surprised. I like how the color stays on even if the sound is turned off. I like how the light in every color works well as a nightlight for the entire room. I like how the sound remains the same every time you power it off and back off... eliminates trying to quick cycle thru to the baby’s favorite every time. The sound at max is very loud... I start falling asleep in the next room. We’ve had all those stuff animals that do similar things... but this is far better than any of them.