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LED Laser Star Projector - Green Stars

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  • The projector instantly projects rotating, drifting green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud with unmatched brilliance.
  • The nightlight incorporates a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to create an otherworldly visual experience.
  • With soothing aurora effects that create a relaxing environment in any room, the projector makes a unique gift for adults and kids alike.
  • Simple button controls make it easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the rotating motion. This version has a blue LED and green rotating stars.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Every bit as goods as their commercial Bliss Light

Years ago I paid over $350 for a commercial grade version of this same light so when I saw this for $50 I grabbed one. I put the two side by side & this new one is every bit as good as the expensive one. Infact I'd say that the blue atmosphere light is brighter on the new one & the lasers look sharper. The more expensive one seems to spread out a bit more. The new $50 has a couple options the expensive one doesn't like a timer & a fader that dims a bit showing off the lasers & then lights back up. It also powers up from usb or from an outlet. This is especially usful if you want to plu the usb into a battery pack. The commercial version has a metal enclosure & you can ajust the angle of the light on the base as well as a knob that allows you to manually fade the blue light. Dollar for dollar this $50 unit is the better of the two & cheaper.

Pittsburgh Ryan

So I was BLOWN AWAY at how quickly this arrived more than anything, I think it literally came the next business day (ordered Thurs evening, so Friday for all intents and purposes, and was on my porch Sat. morning! WOW!) and I don't even have Prime right now! Dang... Now to the product. My daughter and I plugged it in and both went "WOAH! Cool!" because this thing is really cool. It has on and off, a button to control whether the nebula and stars move or not (or just the nebula moves) and a button to control the brightness, but honestly "full tilt" is the only way to run this thing. You can have both, just the lazer (stars) or just the nebula (blue haze) and the nebula feature is really far out. Looks like an enchanted spirit portal or some kind of temporal anomaly wormhole thing on my ceiling which is EXACTLY what I wanted. Kinda wish I had one of these in my teens and early 20s now, would have made certain "spiritual journeys" I took really cool *wink wink*. A MUST for those who like to veg out to music with "atmosphere" or anyone into lava lamps and chill vibes. I'm thinking a psychedelic or Jam band would really get some use out of a pair of these things as stage lighting combined with a fog machine, or if you are into peaceful nature music and meditation this will totally "up your zen"....Now...If there is ONE Drawback or Negative, it would only be that there sadly aren't more colors or pattern combinations on the unit. This thing is kind of a "one trick pony" to be honest, but... the one trick it does do it does reaaally 'effin well, and that is to create a trippy ethereal ambiance to compliment any dark space. You can put it close to a wall and get a relatively confined effect but it works best from a corner aimed at an opposing wall or best yet, the ceiling. Super happy with this little guy and I do hope it is a quality item that lasts a while because I am super stoked about having this. (P.S. It drove my cat NUTS and he kind of freaked out...lol)5-stars, the photo's DO NOT LIE. Buy with confidence. I will update if the thing dies unexpectedly but for now I am a big fan and will recommend with confidence! Super Trippy!NOTE: asked me to rate the "remote control" on this item... I did not receive one. Not that I really need it, but was it supposed to come with one? Meh... let me know! I dont really care or need one, but Im curious.

Fallon O'Hagan
Worth every penny!!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This projector is so beautiful! I added a video so people could see for themselves. I’ve never bought something that looks even better than advertised like this thing does!! I purchased it for my 3 year old daughter who has autism because she loves sensory items like this, but my 10 year old is attempting to steal it, so I’m going to have to order a second one. It’s the best night light I have ever seen!! I even want one for MY room! It gives off such a relaxing light. This is the perfect gift for a teen, child, baby, or adult! Anyone, really. Very happy with this purchase!!

John Grisham
Very, VERY cool

So, I saw this on a Tik-Tok, and thought: "Bruh, I like space," and I needed some lights for my room anyways. I bought it, and at first I was a little concerned with the $50 price tag, but after using it a bit I realized it's actually pretty cool, and a decent price too (for as simple a design as it is.)It projects what I can only describe as: "the top of the ocean from underwater" from one port, and a ton of green laser lights spinning around from the other (spinning is optional though.)It makes a little bit of white noise when spinning, no noise when still, and has several brightness modes. I play a little bit of ambient music and have this on with it and I am in another world.If I did psychedelics this device would help me trip in the bets way possible.High recommended to anybody who likes light shows. GREAT for the price you pay.

Mustari Vegan Gardens
Spending the winter camping in our yurt and now we have the galaxy !

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Well ...well.... well .....Isn’t this thing interesting ?We just got our new galaxy projector this evening.Nothing to the set up , simply plug in. It is quite large in size - I was thinking it would be the size of my amazing dot - it is about twice that big and very sturdy ! Sturdiness is imperative when camping outside in a yurt in 20 degree evenings.This is the first night with the stars indoors and as it is far too cold now to be outdoors and witness Gods beautiful creation-(Psalm 136:9I am appreciative I shall not go without them for the duration of our sojourn.I must admit - I was a little surprised the stars are green ?!?!!!Perhaps it is an ambient thing or the fact that I’ve been staring at the real ones for 81 days now- that theses appear more unrealistic than assumed.But,Why can’t stars be green ?When in Rome -There are shorting stars (green ones �) as described in the description- the clouds are purple , again I revert back to my last statement about not appearing as I had thought-Again , why can’t clouds be purple ?Overall , it shall work for its intended purpose - however I believe I’d buy a more realistic one next time.Happy star gazing -To infinity and beyond! (Buzz Lightyear 1995)UPDATE: Total user error on the green - purple star and cloud status / they have another option / which is what my heart wanted - but I ordered the green :-/This is not the product but rather the consumers fault �